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Dalton Ptarmigan setup

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  • Dalton Ptarmigan setup

    I am heading up the Dalton this fall for my first corridor hunt. I have heard that shooting ptarmigan is as much fun as shooting bou with a bow. Nothing like a little practice on the hunt! If anyone has a spefific setup they use or suggestions I would appreciate it. I am shooting a PSE compound with aluminum arrows topped with Muzzy 125s and using a whisker biscuit. I have heard of specific tips for birds, but lack the expertise. Thanks for the help

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    I've always used JUDO POINTS for grouse with flu-flus so the arrows don't go too far. Out on the tundra the judos will work great and prevent the arrow from disappearing into the moss.

    Mark Richards


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      I spent money on judo tips and rubber blunts to shoot spruce hens and trouble with my arrow blowing clear through the bird. I even had to climb a couple of trees to retrieve the birds because the judo point stuck in the trunk. I didn't use flu flu fletching though. To fix this I made my own tips. Take an insert with you to the hardware store and find a bolt that will thread into it, then just add a large washer and a small nut. When i put it together i put the washer on then the nut and snug the screw down then tighten the washer, it works great. I used 1.5" washers but you'll have to check the clearance on your riser and make sure it's not going to rub. When the washer hits the ground it stops the arrow dead, so you don't need the flu flu fletching.


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        what's the weight of that nut/bolt setup? were you able to find something close to 100 grain (or whatever you shoot) so you don't have to modify sight pictures? Also - I'm assuming that is probably heavier and find, but isn't there a legal limit that arrows must weigh? Just a tip for those making there own tips - to weigh the setup and make sure it's legal.


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          compared to regular sight settings

          How much does the flight of your nut and bolt setup change your flight in comparision to broadheads? I am all about doing more with less $$. I have never heard of this but it sounds like it would work. This is the reason why I put the post to see what was out there. Some of the ideas like this one are on of a kind. Thanks Rod


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            weight and flight

            I'm not sure what the weight of my setup is but I shoot 125gr. broadheads and they shoot to the same point out to about twenty yards, which for most bird hunting up here is plenty of distance. I have a buddy that also shootsa 125gr. broadheads and he went with a much smaller washer than I did and got the same results as I did. I think with todays fast compunds as long as your close in weight and shooting at close distances you can get away with a few grs. difference.
            As far as the arrow weight goes that only applies to big game not small game.
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              I will check this out when I get home. Sitting in Iraq right now. I will let everyone know how it worked for me when I get back. Thanks to chuck and everyone else who replied. Rod


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