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  • What bow sight?

    Getting ready to invest in my first compound bow. I'm curious about your thoughts on bow sights. I have a hard time imagining a need for lots of sight pins. Seems like a lot of five pin sights out there. It seems to me that three would be sufficient. Any thoughts on the topic or some specific sights you like?

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    I have Spot Hoggs on my Hoyt Ultratec and Mathews Ovation. 5 pin at .19". I think I'm going to try a Copper Jon on my Bowtech with the 5 pin starting with the top pin being .029" and the other 4 at .019"


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      I Use A Hha Sight I Forget The Model But Is Only One Pin And Quick And Easy To Adjust To Various Yardage.


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        Toxonics, Spot-hogg, Tru Glo, Cobra, Copper John and many more...
        all good...

        Figure out what you need - fixed, pivot/pendulum, 3 pin, 5 pin, 7 pin, vertical, horizontal and what you want (to spend) ????

        I'm sure there's a cure for what ailing ya...

        I shoot a 5 pin Tru Glo. No complaints...

        Here's a few links for checking out...

        ps. the hunters friend is for ya to compare your bow deal.. I could'nt beat their deal locally by nearly $250...


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          Bow Sights

          I started out with the copper john and broke off two of the fiber optics in no time, switched to a Spot Hogg seems alot more solid than copper john. I would have to reccomend going with at least a five pin sight and probably the smallest pins you can get.When you get ready to start sticken them caribou out there at 50yds the smaller pin will be easier to center on your target the farther out you shoot. Merry Christmas Carnivore.


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            I'm no expert by any means. Just started shooting about a year ago. I bought a 5 pin sight with the thought of setting it at 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards. With 3 pins what would you set it at? 20 40 60 and then guess what 30 and 50 is between pins? Anyway that is what I considered before purchasing a sight as well as how bright the pins were based on how much fiber optic was spooled on the sight in case of low light conditions.


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              Well I shied away from the Copper Jon and bought a Toxonics K9 HD 5 Pin Tooless.


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                Very good sight.

                I've been bow hunting for 16 years now and have really tested some gear. I've only been hunting AK for 2 years now and I've found myself in many tight spots in the alders. If you plan on doing any of this, durability is the key. Impact Archery makes a sight that wraps each fiber optic pin in metal. Brightness is great in those bewitching hours of sunset and sundown. Down side is it only has 5 pins total. I set mine at 25, 40, 50, 60, & 80. (Yea, I know most people have no ethical use for an 80 pin and I've never used mine on a live animal (only 3D shooting for practice). I've used Montana Black Gold sights with up to 7 pins but found myself counting pins at full draw instead of focusing on the task at hand. I've had no problem taking small game from 5-35 yards with one pin. I'm not pushing you to buy it as it's a bit spendy (100-), but it's withstood my expectations. If you have not picked a sight out yet, you should at least consider this one. Good Luck.


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                  Copper john
                  Spot hogg.
                  these two sights you can not go wrong
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                    Spot Hogg

                    I use the bear bones .. Nothing fancy its a set it and for get it sight..
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                      Spott Hog

                      I use the SPott Hog "Real Deal" after going through 2 trophy ridges. The screws kept stripping. Found out from the company that they are made of aluminum and are looking at changing them out. I love my Spott Hog and the screws are steel and heavy duty. No slipping.


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                        I'll second Spot Hogg's Real Deal. I put mine on last summer as part of a general upgrade, and am very happy. Strong, light, and a rock solid adjusting system that really lets you lock the pins down. Also has a built in level that I find very useful.


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                          When it comes to sights, the simpler the better if you are going to hunt with it. Target...get funky. I have even avoided fiber optics due to their fragility. I use a classic sliding pin set up with hi vis T's inset in the end with a nice guard covering it, probably a 20 to 40 dollar sight (can't remember, it was forever ago, and I never changed).

                          I use at most four pins, usually three, starting at twenty and and then at ten yard increments to fifty. Most modern bows will shoot nearly flat to twenty and if the minor windage that is needed to compensate for closer shots is beyond a shooter...practice more. That fifty is reserved for practice only, I feel that is way too far to trust a shaft on a game animal...if it's at fifty and you can't get it to forty...get sneakier.

                          Carnivore, I say follow your gut with the three pin idea. Keep it simple...and shoot it a lot.


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                            I use a Montana Black Gold at 20, 30, 40, 50 and then way long. I've never had any problems. My setup shots pretty flat at just over 300 fps so any more than 5 pins just gets confusing. I have been looking at the new G5 Montec sites and they look pretty nice (would give me an excuse to buy a new bow). It adjust real easy and it also has marks on it so you can keep track of your adjustments. The pins are always brite and I've never broken one. You might try a couple of different size peeps also. I find the smaller the more accurate I am. The only draw back is that the frame is plastic and it has an oblong shape. I've shot a few sites that have a round frame and they seem to feel a little better to the eye.


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                              imact archery

                              Right now i have a copper john but will soon be replacing it after my recent hunting trip to pennsylvania. This sight just is not bright enough for me when i was hunting in a blind. I had a deer walk a circle around my blind for 30 mins but was unable to shoot because i could not see my pins. THere was more than enough light outside, and i WILL be replacing my sight soon.

                              I now am looking at the impact archery HAMMERHEAD 5 pin sight. After reading and looking around they seem to definately be the BRIGHTEST sights around with 8 1/4 feet of light gathering fiber optics. The only thing i dont think i like about the sight is that they are plastic. I think i can get over that though as i try i not beat up my bow too much. vance
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