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Venom Self Aligning Peep

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  • Venom Self Aligning Peep

    Okay this is were I say has any body used it?..If so do you like it hate it .Or just as soon as use it as a rubber band?
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    I bought one this year. Had the silicon tubing on my "fine line sta bright" peep break at full-draw on a caribou at -20 degrees (luckily it broke towards the riser). Couldn't get a tetherless peep to line up properly. Went with the venom because the tether isn't supposed to break, and it's low light capability. So far no problems, however the coldest I've shot it was 10 above. I haven't noticed a fps drop or an increase in noise. It was more expensive (paid 18 bucks for it at Scheels). I went with the "get what you pay for philosophy". Took a little time to get used to the bigger sight picture (which you will definitely have). No visibility problems at all. It is "big" on the string though. That's just a personal dislike. I use the trophy ridge summit sight and have no problems seeing or shooting it. It picks up low light very well. Personally I like it for it's low light capability, haven't had it long enough to judge the longevity of the tether, don't like the way it stands out on the bowstring. It's less than $20. Give it a shot, if you don't like it, your not out much. Overall I think it's worth the time and money.

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