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  • Pay to hunt/drive the Dalton?

    There have been quite a few threads dedicated to the issues surrounding hunting the Dalton Highway--access, pulloffs and conflicts to name a few.

    Considering its sheer size and relative paucity of infrastructure, Alaska charges nominal fees to hunt and fish, whereas most other states charge set-aside fees for access to certain areas in addition to license and tag fees.

    Im curious to know how people would feel if there was a fee charged for traveling north of the Yukon bridge on the condition that those funds were earmarked to improvements for things like more pull outs in the vicinity of the main migration routes, more or widened places to camp, outhouses & trash barrels and maybe a public phone or two.
    Yes, make the Dalton a toll road
    Yes, charge hunters only
    If cave men had been trophy hunters the Wooly Mammoth would be alive today

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    I can see the reasoning behind charging to run the Haul Road if the money was earmarked for the improvements stated. BUT, how much money is it actually going to generate? Would it bring in more hunters then would be wanted, or attract hunters to "crossing" that might not know they were there (crowding)? Would it bring more of the type of people that really shouldn't be there, (unprepared)?

    The problem I have seen is when you let politicans/government run things like this they can get really screwed up down the road. Higher and higher tolls, more rules, etc, etc........ If it ain't broken why fix it? I could be wrong here but that is just my perspective on it.
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      I would not pay the state. If I remember right doesn't the natives own the road and not the state?
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      Gary Keller
      Anchorage, AK


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        yes charge everybody

        $300.00 per hunter, and $500 per anti ANWR drilling supporter..
        Hunting and nature viewing should only be done and seen by the wealthy, or make it at least made so expensive that the rif-raf will stay away.
        Why don't people know their place in society and in the hunting community?
        signed Thruston Howell the 3rd.
        LOL... its hard enough for people to be able to go be a part of wild places and enjoy and utilize the resources... the Haul road has offered great opportunities for those that would like to hunt from the road system..
        Like always,,its a few that ruin for the masses...
        The military guys that go up from Fairbanks etc, gives them a chance to hunt Caribou Moose and other critters, along with the great views....
        The more we let Government control, the more freedom we loose..
        Max... ...
        Thruston Howell the 3rd is still on Gilligans Island and has no opinion that counts here in Alaska..
        When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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          sorry but this is an outlandish proposition!

          Start a road "tax" here and you're liable to be eating your own pocket book. Things have gotten so far out of hand, a once 750 bush flight jumped to well over 2k for less then 1 hour of flight time round trip is only the beginning. Charging to drive a state maintained road???

          Adding pull outs? Might seem nice, till mass's show up. Less then 10 years ago there was little pressure. Now? The roads easier to drive, folks are going hell bent to get there and back and there's more of them. The more people we have, the more conflicts you're going to see. The more stupid issues like driving on the tundra you are going to see. Add it all up and you're liable to have it all shut down. Case in point, the more people showing up to moose hunt made a once marginally ok moose hunt to a now draw hunt. I hate the word draw hunt in Alaska in an otherwise crooked system to begin with. Do you not think the federal subsistence board will close down virtually all of the haul road from the yukon to Slope mt where the fed land stops and the state lands begins? Bring the mass's, the conflict's and the stupidity and you'll get a rude awakening!

          This is one of the states last great road accessable hunts! Let those who see fit to go do so, but don't make it any easier then it has to be!


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            Before we see a toll on a dirt road in BFE we need to require license plates on bicycles in Anchorage that use the bike trails.


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              Do you pay a toll to drive the Rich or the Parks?


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                Not only no, but HELL NO!!!

                Im not paying the state squat just so those who wont walk or bow hunt can hunt with a atv. I do walkin hunts, I Fly-in, I hunt with ATV's; I hunt with a rifle, I hunt with bow, I hunt with a handgun, I hunt with a muzzel loader. I do this to open up possiblities, I make consessions so I have options. There is enough land out there to all of these options, the state does not need to make consessions to those who only want to hunt one way "Thier way"


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                  By way of background on this, I used to live in New Mexico where the state charges a Habitat Improvement Stamp for all hunting, fishing and trapping licenses on National Forest and BLM land.
                  If cave men had been trophy hunters the Wooly Mammoth would be alive today


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