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Alaska Archery Hunting Opportunities

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  • Alaska Archery Hunting Opportunities

    Wanting to get back into bowhunting after a 3 year lapse. In the past I would take to the mountains in WY and MT every year chasing elk and really enjoyed that. What are the good opportunities up here for a bow hunt? Specifically something where/when firearms aren't allowed? I know about the haul road and the military base moose hunts. Are there any other archery only hunts in the state? Figure I can look through the regs, but hoping to get a head start with some advice.


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    Scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of a large portion of the archery only hunts:


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      Just grab yourself a set of regs there are a few archery hunts that i am going to try to do this year. Near anchorage. I only bowhunt so this is also what I am mostly looking at in the regs. You can also bear bait and only use a bow if your interested in that. Im sure lots of places you can brown bear hunt and be away from the general season hunters.


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