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    I'm looking for a good AK bow hunt. No trophy expectations only a legal animal would be nice. 10 day hunt, drop or float, don't mater. Needs to be guided, I'm a non-res (sorry) your welcome to come to Iowa and hunt turkey or whitetails

    Been at this a year not sure I'm any farther than I was when i started. Talked with Mike S and Larry B. Great guys and without a doubt would hook me up with exactly what I need.

    What might you choose for a possible one time AK bow hunt?

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    you don't need to be guided to hunt. I would recomend a sitka deer hunt. real good chance at success (even up to 3 deer) and they are made for bowhunting. You can also fish all the while. go to Kodiak in Aug.


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      If you are coming all the way to Alaska for a one time bow hunt I wouldn't be going after deer! (considering the quality of whitetail you have in Iowa). Why not a combo, caribou & black bear?


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        i would have to agree about trying for caribou ( alot of areas that have caribou don't have black bear) but if in an area that allows 2 bou as well as having black bear, get two caribou tags and if bear happens along use a bou tag for the bear or get a second bigger bou.
        i would say higher success, more stalks just a fun animal to hunt. can be done without guide, i'm thinking by your note you are looking to swap a hunt. as good as Iowa is for wt i would think you would spark some interest.
        if doing a guided hunt for sure. i would go for goat, my favorite animal to hunt. very much overlooked trophy. tough hunt, awesome areas.
        plan on rug mount or at least 1/2 life size....not shoulder mount IMHO..
        in many areas that could be combo for black bear and/or deer.


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          +1 for caribou

          Fly out or float, either way you'll have good chance at an impressive animal and very good eating when you return home.

          Other possibilities: This stuff is actually on my list (when I win the lottery)


          remote moose float & brown bear for 2. DISCLAIMER - I have no firsthand experience with these guys as transporters or guides. Only putting this in here to show examples. Sorry, I'm too broke to pay attention so I'm hoofing it on my own for now....

          or --

          one of the vessel based black bear hunts. huntin, fishin, shrimpin..... I have heard that it's not possible to spot & stalk black bears and seal the deal with archery equipment...... that's hog wash!! It's my favorite was to hunt them!


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            If you bowhunt alaska once, you are going to go back again.


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              I would also say caribou. Never understood why someone expects to come to AK having never hunted more then say a whitetail and expect to be really succesful at moose hunting. Not that it CANT be done, I just think many people get way over there heads. Like was said..YOU WILL be back , heck for that matter you may just stay like many of us did.

              Caribou are made for bowhunting also. There is a catch, if they aint there it could be a camping trip, all depends on animal movements and your pilots willingness to get you where you need to be, or if you are floating, being on the right river.

              It will allow you to get your stuff together for a really tough hunt, like a moose hunt can become! You'll learn what you can and cant do, and what gear you need and can live without, what works and what doesnt without having to deal with 500 or 700 lbs of meat, plus camp, plus possibly a raft etc etc.

              Just my thoughts..if You've talked to Mike and Larry, why not book a trip through them?


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                As a non-resident you only need to be guided for Brown bear, sheep and goat. Moose can be a lot of work. Packing one of them a few miles is quite a chore. There are some boat based unguided hunts for blacktail deer on Kodiak Island that can be had for around $2500 to $3000 per week. You live aboard the boat. They drop you off and pick you up on the beach. Doing the boat based hunts you don't need to have a lot of gear. Mostly just your personal gear.


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                  Thanks everyone for the comments. So caribou gets the vote so the next question. Should this be guided or unguided?


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                    How much money do you have? What are you willing to spend on a hunt?

                    I would love to take a month and hunt Dall sheep! (but can't afford it)

                    Assuming the cheapest way to go AND best chance at success, that's why I suggested sitka deer. you can do it yourself for less and you are probably already familiar with a deer sized animal. I have done both a black bear hunt (19 7/8"), then a sitka ( 3 P&Y in 3 days of hunting including passing a number of smaller bucks), and am coming back for caribou this year! As I said, once you go, you will be back.


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                      If you are going guided for caribou you might want to look at canada and quebec/labrador hunts. with the economy you may get some good deals, and the herds may be doing better, a lot less DIYers out there. If you go unguided AK and a drop hunt is the only way to experience it. (You could look at the haul road option, do a search)


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                        For the first time if you are wanting to a DIY for caribou I would say that going through Larry or Mike would give you the best chance of having a successful hunt. Alaska is a big place. Logistics can be a real pain even if you are living here. After the first trip you would have a better idea if it is something that you want to attempt setting up yourself.


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