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  • ABA at the GASS

    Swing by the booth (#22) and we'll make you a smokin' good deal on annaul membership or membership renewal! $15 ... O N E F I V E!

    Also, we're raffling off a "Bow of Choice" from the Den's current line (BowTech, Diamond, Ross, Kodiak, Alpine).

    No ... we're not after your dollars (but we do have to cover some costs). We're going to "lose" monies but hope our ROI (return on investment) is a stronger organization. Stop on by and give us your thoughts on bowhunting in Alaska, ask questions, give suggestions, bring a solution to a problem; join if you you want and feel you can lend a hand, don't join if it's not right for you. We're looking for better, not simply bigger.

    Our Directors will be there throughout the weekend ... I will be there all day Friday and Saturday (sorry for anyone hoping to shoot, buy, get something fixed those days but the shop will be closed).

    At least swing by and see some cool trophies!

    Hope to see you there!

    (p.s. and no, I will not let Dan buy a raffle ticket:rolleyes

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    For those that can not make it to Anchorage, we will accept phone / email / fax applications at the reduced rate during the period of the show (4PM, Thursday - April 2nd through 6PM, Sunday - April 5th). The shop will be closed Friday & Saturday ... so leave a message or email and I will get back to you soonest.

    And FYI, there is a free shuttle offered ... one from the mid-town WalMart and another from Northway Mall so all you have to pay is the price of admission ... $10 for Adults, $2 for kids 12 years old and younger ... so that means if you join up or renew at the show rate (saving $10) you're really getting into the show for free! Can't beat that!

    Again, hope to see you there!


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      how much are the raffle tickets for the bow of choice gonna be?


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        $10 For bow of choice


        $5 For a chrome and black genesis (youth bow) only 2 of these in the state and we own both, Matthews did a special production run and each state got 2 of these

        Drawings will be held 6PM on sunday so winners will be notified that evening

        Seriously there is a lot of good discussion about archery on these boards so stop by and introduce yourself, wether you want to join or not at least come by and talk bowhunting in Alaska and we can put some faces with some screen names


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          I'll drop by for sure Paul, wouldn't mind a new bow! Maybe you can hook me up with the "lucky" ticket


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            Hey paul thanks for the call... and that free raffel ticket...

            I can see you and i need to chat more..keep my number. Thanks.
            "If you are on a continuous search to be offended, you will always find what you are looking for; even when it isn't there."

            meet on face book here


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              Paul, will the raffle tickets be available tomorrow still? I couldn't make it today, too darn busy :mad: If so i'll head over to the show tomorrow than. I also left my release at the Den on thursday! I'll get that tomorrow and shoot the broadheads some more.


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                alaskan bowhunters association

                I must say I think that was a great presentation at the show this weekend. Finally someone is trying to do something with the ABA. The booth was great and again thanks Paul for giving it your all. Thanks Jack for your Help there also. Keep it up there mabe there is hope yet. Takes alot to impress me, That said I was impressed great job guys..........


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                  Who won the bow? I was hoping to get "MY" choice of bow at your shop That pretty black bow of yours was calling my name, I thought :cool:


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                    Stopped by the booth yesterday and signed up. Nice to see archery represented at the show. Been trying to decide which archery groups to join as I cannot afford to join them all and the ABA seems a good place to start.
                    Just a bitter Alaskan clinging to his guns and religion.....


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