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  • Good bow for 13 year old? pic.

    I am trying to find a good bow for my brother .
    He is currently shooting 36 lbs.
    But he could do 40 easily. so i think i am going to pass his bow to a younger brother and get him a new one.

    My question is
    anyone ever have experience with the line of bows WhisperCreek Archery?

    One thing i extremely like about them is their adjust abilities :cool:

    here is some specs and a picture

    Parallel Limbs
    Adjustable draw length and draw weight without bow press

    Kit Includes:

    - Quiver
    - Arm Guard
    - Fiber Optic Sight
    - Hyper Light Pro Rest


    - Brace Height: Approx. 6"
    - Axle to Axle: Approx. 31"
    - Draw Weight: 20 - 50 lbs.
    - Draw Length: 16 - 27" Half-Inch Incr.
    - Mass Weight: 2.8 lbs.
    - String Length: 55 1/2"
    - Harness Length: 32 1/2"

    I can get the whole kit for under $250 bucks shipped.
    Whenever he outgrows it it will just be readjusted passed down the line.

    do you think this will work.?
    i just don't know the quality of these bow it seems like they are way lower in price then similar bows :confused:
    I don't think it will be used for tournaments since we don't have any locally .
    just something to build them muscles up with before getting a heavy duty bow

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    hey man that looks like a great bow try and read up on it, see if they're reviews about it.
    now i don't know what your budget is but i know that bear archery makes some quality bows and there's this one ive seen before called the young gun and it adjusts 14-27 inch draw length and 40-50 pound weight. i seen it on the bear archery site for $330 you might wanna check that out if ya got time.


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      get what you pay for

      Ever heard the saying you get what you paid for? While 250 bucks sounds like a steal.. In comparison to what you have listed against one of the top 3 bow manufacturers, you would be spending 12-1400 for a set up.. Their is a reason why their in the top 3 or say 2.. If your kid is really into archey and you have a strong indication that he/she will stick with it.. get him a high quality bow. if its something just to tinker with or a sudden urge to have a new hobby, then go the lesser route. You can check e-bay or craigslist and find brand new in the box 1-2 year old bows for 1/3 the cost of a new one. You wont get the warranty this way, but then again I have been shooting the same bows for 20 years and never had to have one fixed. (knock on wood) feel free to PM me if you need more specifics..
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        The 2009 razor edge from Diamond may be what your looking for.


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          after some recommendations from people i went ahead and ordererd the Diomend Rage Bow two days ago.
          it cost me under 300 bucks shipped from site below.
          I orderd with no accessories becuase i already have them so that save me a littal bit.
          I just have to wait till i get it know.


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            got it

            well we got the bow in yesterday pretty good shipping service
            i am very glad i got this bow it looks very good quality.
            one thing that surprised me is how light the bow is super light:eek:
            after i accessories it it gained some wait . but still it was the lightest bow i ever held.
            well what can i say my brother loves it it came in at 60 lbs we dropped it to 41. we will be tuning it today a bit


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