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Why Robin Hood?

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  • Why Robin Hood?

    If one's bow is shooting so good, why would you want to do a Robin Hood? Why wouldn't you just pick a different spot on the target?

    If it is just to say you did it, I can understand. But with the cost of arrows, it would make a warm spot in my wallet.

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    i know

    Hey i know what you mean, i totally understand but i did it at all different times and i was never trying to do them, or even expecting it to happen and i totally know what you mean. please dont think im trying to brag or anything, i just wanted to show what proper paper tuning could do.


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      I shoot so poorly that the remote thought of even hitting another arrow never enters my mind. But even a blind duck can land on water sometimes. Maybe even six times.
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        yeah exactly! lol maybe 3 times! haha.


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          Originally posted by 808Alaska View Post
          . . . but i did it at all different times and i was never trying to do them, or even expecting it to happen . . .
          So you weren't aiming in the same spot, but still got a Robin Hood? I usually see a Robin Hood as a sign of a very consistent shooter, but you seem to be saying that you tried not hit the arrow, but were so inconsistent that you ended up with a Robin Hood?
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            I've gone to shooting a 5 spot target almost exclusively for this very reason. When shooting 3-D, I try to aim at different points on the target.


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              HAHA! ok?

              whatever you say JMG, lol. what I was saying was that i was aiming at the same spot but because my (BOW IS SO ACCURATE, GROUPINGS IS SO TIGHT AND CUZ IM SUCH A GREAT ARCHER!) lol. HAHA i wish! i happen to make a robbin hood. so its not like it was just all dog ****! lol. i just wasent expecting it.


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                It's a phase thing. I use to shoot alot and have a michigan championship from way back under my belt and have to say its a phase like smoking the tires on your hot rod. At first its cool, but it get expensive fast. When you get to the a certain level, you constantly start shooting nocks and fletching off, which cost enough and become time consuming, then you start to add up custom arrows and your tone changes fast. I use to keep all the arrows that I killed deer with for about 6 or 7 years, and then next thing I knew I had a dozen arrows that where really not worth nothing any more. I blew out my shoulder years ago, but thinking about getting back into archery lately.



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                  You must first get a robin hood before you can get a double robin hood!


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                    Good Replies

                    I now have a better understanding. It created some lively and fun replies. Once I saw the comparison to smoking tires, I now understand why.


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                      you know whats better than taking out one of your own arrows....its taking out the arrow of the guy that hit the 12 ring in 3D.....i think it should count as 24 points!!!

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                        new question!

                        just as a general question to whom ever! what is your most favorite arrows (Brand) and why? just curious.


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                          Favorite Arrow Thoughts.

                          My favorite arrow is one that is relatively inexpenive and flies perfect so I can get a Robin Hood.


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                            oh wow so you wanna be just like me ah! lol. cool!


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                              Favorite arrow by far is the "Arrow dynamics" "Hammerhead". They fly like a dart out of all my bows fro a 43 pound long bow to a 65 pound recurve and they have consistently produce double the penetration of a gold tip 5575.

                              Robin hoods are not as common for us bare bow guys, I don't mind the cost of my 3.
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