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    Hi guys, got my first bow for Christmas. I got a Diamondtech "The Rock".
    I've got everything set up the way I want it except for a quiver.
    I waded thru TONS of reviews at cabelas.com and basspro.com and the main complaints on different quivers were when used in cold weather. The rubber holding the arrows would get too stiff and similiar complaints.

    So......I thought I would see if anyone has a favorite recommendation for a cold weather quiver.

    Appreciate it.

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    Ok, I'm sure no one has repsonded because I mis-named my bow, it is a Diamond BY Bowtech. Now that that's taken care of maybe someone will help me.

    Doesn't anyone have a quiver they like????

    I'm not looking for an extreme cold weather quiver. Just one that will work well around 30 degrees when the snow is flying on the North Slope in September.

    Appreciate any comments.


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      I have a Fuse quiver on my Hoyt and I have never had a problem with it. I would think that most of them would be fine at 30 degrees.


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        Do you want a one or two piece quiver? I have a two piece from Diamond, and I like it, but I have been thinking about getting a one piece, just to be easier to take on and off.

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          For the Rock, I would put on an Alpine Soft-Loc (5-arrow) or a SVL (which comes in both 1 and 2 piece). Bowtech is coming out with a new one under their Octqne line - a light wieght 4-arrow quiver however, I haven't put my hands on it yet ... so I will hold my opinon ... but if it's like any other of thier Octane products it's more then likely going on this years bow. http://fuelthehunt.com/bantamweight.php


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            I will throw in another push for the Alpine 5 arrow softlock. It works great and you can easily take it off without tools. Also has the option of a belt mount if you want to carry the quiver on a belt at a later point.


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              Ok, I will go another way. I love a hip quiver. I love not having my arrows on the bow.
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                been bow hunting for a log time. Alpine is a great quiver either on or off the bow.


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