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Arrow identification?!?!

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  • Arrow identification?!?!

    A friend of mine was telling me when you hunt with a bow in archery only places you have to put your name or some other kind of marking on your arrows to identify it as yours. All my arrows where marked and I just got done re doing all my arrows. I canít find anything that tells that you have to do this. Is it true and if it is where dos it say it? I donít care if they are marked I just want to know if the making I am putting on them is right.

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    I just about 100% sure they did away with that a few years ago. Your best bet is to call fish and game.
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      I don't know if they have changed, but if you drew an archery permit on any of the military bases, you had to have some basic information written on the fletchings. There is no requirement that I know of in other areas.

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        Military drawing hunts

        All I have ever known is just that the bases require your arrows to be marked. Just the December hunt a few months back. Your arrow shaft has to be marked with a metalic paint style marker, black magic marker rubs off eventually. Can't be on the fletchings any more. I think now they just require your full name and archer card number, no address any more. Sounds like someone was jerking your chain though! Unless you drew a permit no need. Still don't hurt otherwise.


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          I know it used to be required on the haul rd for bowhunters, that rule has been abolished for several years now.


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            They dont require it for the genral Archery only hunts, the bioligist on base require it for the Archery only hunts on both Ft. Rich and Ft. Eilson.


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