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  • Broadhead help??

    I will be doing a grizz hunt this summer and looking for some input on what broadheads that has had good luck with. I shoot a Mathews and use RAGE back home for Blackeys but i know that won't b the case in AK..
    ANY HELP HERE-- G5-Muzzy-ROCKY MTN ???
    Thanks guys

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    Cut on Contact

    Personally I shoot ABC Sonic's, but have shot steelforce, Montec's, and several 2 blade resharpenables.

    Didn't like the montec's, maybe I had a bad batch, but I bent them during testing. Blew clear through the target (fairly new Block target) and sunk into a 4x4. cut the 4x4 away from the head and it came out bent.

    125 grain steelforce didn't shoot as good as I wanted them to. 100 grainers shot well, but couldn't get the FOC I wanted out of them.

    ALL of the 2 blade resharpenables were just too much work for me. Breaking the tips and re-grinding, soft metal bending and I just couldn't get them to stay consistent.

    NONE of the above heads are bad, I'm not sayting that at all. Lotsa guys shoot them and love them, they just didn't work for me.

    I absolutely love the sonics. 3 blades 125 grain @ 1" cut on contact, super sharp right out of the package, resharpenable AND replaceable. Not to mention they were under $40 for 6 last time I bought them.

    I am shooting a 490 grain arrow @ 280 fps ... which was part of my problem with finding a tough enough broadhead...


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      Any quality cut-on-impact broadhead will do. Best idea though is to try several different brands and see which one flies best for you.

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        G5 Montec vs. 4X4???

        & You won't use one again? Maybe that'll convince me of Montec's durability...


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          I would look at a good COC like Dave recommended. I have used the four bladed Magnus Stingers on moose with good results. They have always shot good for me.


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            For a once in a lifetime hunt like that settle for nothing less than the Silver Flame broadheads. Each and every one is built like a custom knife. They are works of art. I have a half dozen, and I am reserving them for a Brown Bear hunt.


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              i have been using the muzzy 100 and 125 three blades for years now... i like them, they have alway held up.. and the blades are easy to change in the field if you knick on of them.. i carry a set of tips and blades with me at all times and are easy to retune to my fletches..

              i started using expendables this last season on bou and black bear.. i like how they fly also.. i forget what they are called at the moment but they do NOT require o rings. i like simple...simple is always better when your hands are half frozen and the wind is blowing...
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                Innerlocs and Magnus broadheads have killed quite a few bears for me and over a dozen more of my buddies, Black and Griz alike. I am pretty devoted to Magnus Stingers, they straight zip threw everything and fly pretty true too. I whacked a moose with one this year and was unable to recover the arrow, went through the moose and buried somewhere into the soft duff. It doesn't have to be the latest fad to work. The only bear I have ever lost from a bow and arrow shot was with a mechanical broadead, and it was actually an experimental deal, kind of sucked.


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                    Thanks for the info i'm still not sure i guess i'll have to get a few and see whot shoots best!!


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                      Jump over to and read Dr. Ashby's reports under the main forum menue. This is a traditional website so it favors heavy setups but after reading the studies I think most will agree that stout setups are the way to go when ---- happens. He makes the point that most setups work when everything goes right. I hope you have a couple of hours! Also look at the thread "the perfect arrow" in the POWWOW which has great info for building arrows to hold up to armor plate!


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                        Wensel Woodsman Broadheads are an amazing killing machine!! They aren't very easy to sharpen, but when you get an edge on them they are incredible. I shoot wood arrows, but they also come in standard screw in. Check out 3 Rivers Archery, or just go to the web site.


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                          Just switched to G5 strikers in 08 for an Africa hunt. I was very pleased with this broadhead. My largest animal was a Kudu and he only went 40 yards after being double lunged. I also shot three whitetails and they all fell within sight of my stand. I believe there are many great broadheads on the market these days but the G5 flew so accuate out of my setup which was the most deciding factor for me. It is a COC fixed blade broadhead. I don't believe you would be disappointed in this head. I do plan to use this very braodhead should I be lucky enough to hunt Grizz in 2010!


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                            I think i will b looking in to the G5s.. I just know what kind of killing power them RAGE have.. they leave one BIG ass hole in the Blackys. If they fly good i'll b all set!!


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                              What kind of bow and what speed are you getting? that is a real factor in broadhead selection. I shoot gold tip big game 100 shafts and they are heavy as carbons go. I shoot thunderheads with them and they fly great and i shot through a buck last year lengthways and i still could not get the arrow out of the tree i hit. now if you are shooting 300fps you will have trouble getting many broadheads to fly properly. for a big bear a snuffer would be a great head if you are shooting a heavier arrow.


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