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    Help a friend choose which Bow to buy!
    Diamond Black Ice
    Mathews DXT

    The poll is expired.

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    Its been said on here MANY times but it all boils down to what he likes the best (until finances come into play). Figure out what bows you can afford in your price range, shoot them and pick which one works the best for you and which one you like the best.

    If he has already gone down this road and cannot decide between these two, then go with the Dimond . (Just because I had to vote for one)
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      I have shot both. The dxt has excellent fit and finish, pretty fast and reasonably smooth. I don't like the wall on it with no draw stop, kinda mushy. The Diamond has a little more drastic draw force, but settles in very nicely into the valley and has a rock solid wall with the draw stop. I think the DXT is quite a bit more expensive. Two great bows, he should try to shoot them both before buying. Either one has a great warranty and customer service.


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          Has your friend shot either of them?

          Originally posted by nwf99 View Post
          Help a friend choose which Bow to buy!
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            He needs to go shoot a bunch of different bows and then pick one he is comfortable shooting not one that somebody else is comfortable shooting.


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              I've shot both. If he is completely against any bow besides these two, I'd go with the Black Ice. If he is open, I shot the the new Diamond Stud and on 07 Guardian several times over the course of the last few weeks. I liked them both better than the Black Ice, which had been my previous first choice. I ended up with a Stud.
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                i shot all the big name brands and like the feel of all the martins over the mathews bow tec or diamond and well the the price is very reasonable for when u start compareing the features to a any other bows out there so i write in a vote Of the MARTIN FIRE CAT


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                  I'v own two mathews Q2 and a SWback i love them and my hunting bud as a bowtex and he will b buying a mathews this spring. But shoot them and see what fits u. My next bow will be a longer one of the mathews line:cool:


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                    new bow

                    Go see archery den selection. Bow tech and limbsaver models with really good advice from Paul thats worth its weight !


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