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  • New Bow hunter looking for a bow

    Well i am trying to get into bowhunting and am starting with getting a good bow. so far ive gone to sportsmans and gotten sized up and they shoed me a few bows. well im a little guy with a 26 inch draw. well they were partial towards the bowtech tribute and the diamond liberty. i am even more intristed in getting a used bow right now with it being my first so i can make sure im actually intristed in it... I would just like to get a bow of good quality so i do not have to upgrade in the next few years. ive shot my fathers and uncles bow a little but they did not fit me right so any info would be great. and again if someone has a used bow that they would like to get rid of let me know thanks vance
    NRA life Member JVJ

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    used bows

    Check out the classifieds on Archery forum. I bought my last bow there and saved over $600. Check the feedback section also about the seller. There are crooks on every site, although this site is way better than something like ebay.

    I ended up getting mine from a pro shop in WI, because the original owner decided he wanted 50-60# limbs instead of 60-70.

    Good luck,


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      Vance, are you a lefty or righty?
      Proud to be an American!


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        im a righty

        yea im a righty. i went and shot 3 bows today. out of all of them i liked the bowtech allegiance the most. at a 70 pound draw and 28" draw legth i was shooting it at like 285 fps. pretty impressive i thought. but yea those are my dimensions and if someone has a bow just pm me thanks vance
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          Just be careful...

          when you are buying used archery equipment. It's kinda like buying a used car in never what the previous owner did to it...for instance if it has ever been dry fired. I think you can probably find a good mid range bow price wise that is brand new and not break the bank and still give you a good idea if you want to puruse shooting.

          Good Luck!


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            definatly find a good mid range bow and don't get to amped about speed. Let me tell you, my stickbows (hence the handle tradbow) have put an arrow 9/10ths the way through a moose at a whopping 185 fps. There is more to penetration then speed!

            Once you find something you like look around *out of state*. People up here like to rape and pillage the market or so it seems. You can find a good deal once in awhile however if that person bought the bow instate it's likely he paid to much to begin with. Hence you are going to pay more so he doesnt "loose" as much.

            "I would just like to get a bow of good quality so i do not have to upgrade in the next few years."

            MOST people upgrade every few years just because they can and the new bow is faster, lighter, and better looking. If you like bowhunting, you'll likely be buying bows for the rest of your life!


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              Martin Archery

              Martin Archery has a couple of good mid range bows to use. I recommend the Jaguar. I started out shooting this bow as did most of my frineds. Great bow at a good price. Check out Unfortunately I can not tell you where to get them in Alaska. I will check into it and let you know.


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                You don't need the newest and most advanced bow out there. Remember that all the mediocre bows the archery shops show you were the top-end bows a few short years ago. Just about any bow from a top name company made in the last 10 years will do you fine. You are on the right track, find a good used bow and see if you like it. I've been bowhunting for 25 and have only owned 2 different bows.


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                  I'd agree with the notion that you don't need a new bow every few years. My bow is about 10 years old. While it is considerably heavier than my hunting buddy's bow, I shoot just as far and just as accurately as he does. I've given some thought to upgrading, but again, this is after 10 years. A new bow every few years isn't necessary (not to say that it isn't fun to buy new toys...just not necessary!)



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                    My opinion is to either buy a used bow or buy one that is last years model. The new models will come out soon. All the archery shops will mark down all of their 2006 model bows. I picked up my 2005 bowtech with some extra stuff on it for a really cheap price.


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                      BOUGHT my bow

                      hey you guys. i bought my bow today you should be proud of me. haha

                      525 dollars shipped to my house for an 06' bowtech allegiance.
                      its all set up to shoot except i need a sight for it.

                      comes with6 arrows and i should have it in a week and a half. im pumped... but another question where and how do i buy/ make a target for my bow to shoot in my back yard. i have the room. should i just buy like the BLOCK target?? but also i would like something a little larger as a backstop to not kill my arrows if i miss the target. thanks for all of your guys help. vance
                      NRA life Member JVJ


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                        Great News....

                        I think you will be happy you bought a new set up instead of something used off Ebay or anywhere else. That just eleiminates the doubt of something being wrong with it from previous abuse. The BLOCK targets are least with my experience. For a backstop for your yard you won't something that will stop an arrow without damaging it. Hopefully before too long and with some practice you won't miss it anyway!! Maybe try and getting alot of old pieces of carpet...stack them really high and compress them with cable so they are held together pretty tightly. I've seen that work.

                        Good luck and welcome to Bowhunting!


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                          Just a thought,

                          Congrats on the new bow. Here is a little food for thought.
                          You might want to think about joining an archery club before you start shooting in your backyard. Get a little range time in before you start shooting at home. Not to mention your neibors will be happier too. There are at least a couple advantages to doing this.
                          1. They will have the targets already set up with a back stop (if its an indoor range, if its outdoor they will have targets).
                          2. There will be someone who can help you with sight adjustments, shooting form, set up, etc.
                          The last thing you want to do is get frustrated when shooting. Specially if you are new to the sport. Do yourself a favor, get to know the people at your local archery range. They are an excelent source of information.


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                            black hole

                            Don't buy the block black hole. It is just a black hole for the $80 it costs. Worst target I've ever bought. Morrel makes good targets that aren't too spendy.


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                              Target material

                              If you are strapped for $$ and have access to bundled newspaper material, it makes a great target for field points, I used that for the first month (~2500 shots) and never broke an arrow. Don't use magazines as broken or bent arrows will result.
                              I recently purchased a Tru-Glo target and it is OK, not great. In spite of their claims, shooting broadheads into it will destroy it quickly. Pulling field-tipped arrows isn't as easy as they claim either, but it does stop the arrows!


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