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  • Easton tracer nocks

    I just recently purchased 8 of these nocks through cabelas($37.99 per 4)and believe they perform alot better than the lumenok and a heck of a lot user friendly. For those of you that don't know these use a magnet to activate and deactivate, I placed the magnet just behind my octane sight and as the nock flies past the magnet it activates it, it stays solid orange light for 30 seconds and after that it goes in to a blinking mode and when you retrieve your arrows you simply put the nock within a half an inch of the magnet and it shuts the light off. There is a storage deactivation method for when you are done using them and an activation method when you are ready to start shooting, in my opinion these are the best out of all the lighted nocks I have tried. I used these nock on my carbon express maxima hunter 350's

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    If I am reading the game regulations right I think that lighted nocks are illegal to hunt with. I might be wrong about this but I would check it out before using them to hunt with.


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      Are you referring to the artificial light reg? If so, that is totally not what the spirit of the regulation means, IMO. You really aren't hunting with artificial light but retrieving your arrow with artificial light....
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        As to...

        Legality...I don't know. It really is silly to make these illegal when all they do is help with shot location and assist in recovery

        I used them last year. They were OK but doubt I'll use them again. Not really that big of a deal to me.

        I think the Easton system is superior but the Lumenoks are a bit brighter...do a search for Lumenok on Youtube
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          Regs say you may not use electronic devices or lights attached to the bow,arrow, or arrowhead with the exception of a non-illuminating camera or a lighted nock at the end of an arrow. Page 19 of the hunting regs middle top of the page. 100% legal


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            Yep. your right. I missed the exemption part of it.


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