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    I am currently shooting an old Browning Mirage - about 10 years old - and looking to upgrade. Have shot a number of bows now. Today I shot the the Iceman and Stud from Diamond - both new bows to the line. And I shot a Bowtech Guardian, 2007 model, but new.

    The Iceman seemed the least smooth of all of them on the draw, and seemed to drop off on the letoff pretty hard, even after adjusting that a bit. The Guardian was super smooth, especially around 55 pounds. It was only a 60 pound bow though. I am generally used to shooting around 63-67 pounds in my Browning. Once I kicked the Guardian up to 60 pounds, it was less smooth on the draw than the Stud.

    The Stud felt great on the draw, set at about 65 pounds. We played with the letoff quite a bit to get that feeling good. There is a bit more hand shock (I think that is what archery folks call it) on the Stud, but very little in my book compared to what I am shooting now. The Guardian was simply awesome during the shot as far as what I felt in my hand. Both bows will cost the same amount of money.

    The Guardian seems to be more of a higher end bow, but I sure like the feel of the Stud. Guardian peaks at 60#, whereas 70 for the Stud. I think the Guardian is a bit faster on arrow speed. Any thoughts on these two bows? Single vs. dual cam? Others? Obviously I only change bows about every 10 years or so, so I want what is going to last.
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    I had the old pse fire flight and just upgraded to the diamond stud as of about 3 hours ago,i to shot all the bows including the 07 guardian,anyhow without going into details i just plain like the way the stud shot,i hope you didn't wear my new bow out ha ha ha ps bill was great to deal with...
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      I've got an 07 Guaridan so that is all i can speak of. I understand what your saying about the draw getting less smooth as the lbs increase. I shoot mine at 70 lbs but I think you just get used to where the "break" is after shooting it so much. I dont even notice mine anymore. Anyways I bought mine when in Jan 07 when it was brand new. It has been a great bow for me no complaints.


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        It does take sometime to get used to a Binary cam bow the Guardian versus a Single cam bow like the Diamond Stud. I have no expierence with the Diamond stud. But have owned a 07 Guardian 6-70 lber, I thought it was a very easy pulling bow the valley is short and yes that takes some time to get used to. Have you been to Archer's Den... Try some of the newer 09 Bowtechs out...


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