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  • Indoor Video Archery

    The folks at Elmendorf Services have purchased a brand new indoor archery "simulator."

    Video archery. Most of you have seen this type of system, some have shot it.

    Give them a call at 552-8529 for more info.

    Yes, non-military can get on base to use the facilities. Call for details.

    Prices are booked in 30 minute intervals. $5 for the first shooter, $2.50 per shooter. Maximum of four shooters.

    The simulator is at the Arctic Oasis activity center (for you that have been here awhile, also known as 'the old BX').

    Grab your bow... and fling some arrows at some simulated critters.

    League information will be available in the next week or two.

    See ya!

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    FYI - they have bows for loan as well.
    Call for pricing, availability, etc.


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      Vid hunting is fun for the first 20 times & then after that, it get's a lil' too easy... :P


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        that sounds pretty sweet
        I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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          Shot today

          Went today (Sunday) and shot a few arrows at Deer, Sheep, Turtles, Squirrels, Turkey, Caribou. Good way to pass 30 minutes on a 'want to be break up' day. Only cost three of us a total of $10 to shoot.

          Give them a week or two more to work out the bugs (mostly staff training and the like).

          They do have 'loaner' metal blunts for your arrows in a range of sizes (75 grains and up).

          Three shots before intermission. I'd recommend bring an arrow tender. Not a lot of time to grab arrows and get back ready to shoot.

          Anyway, we had a ball. Good clean fun.


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