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Need suggestion for new release!!!

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  • Need suggestion for new release!!!

    I have a Cabelas caliper wrist release that is great, but is too short for my hand. This is the microadjustable but hits my finger at the first knuckle...

    What would you suggest for a longer caliper or more adjustable?

    This release is very good, very comfortable and very smooth on the release, just too short...

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    I have the same problem due to big hands ( I can palm a Basketball.) I switched to a tru-fire that has a screw type handle so you can make it longer that way. You can buy either a velcro or belt type one. I like the belt one because you go to the same spot everytime for more consistency. It's also pretty nice because you can tuck it away up your sleeve if your stalking and not have it dangling around. Just my two cents.


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      BTT, since I'm looking for a new release as well and curious what you guys and gals are using and would recommend? Not sure if it matters any, but am shooting a new-to-me Hoyt compound bow.


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        I shoot a short and sweet along with a carter 2 shot release. I like them both, but prferethe short and sweet. For bigger hands you can adjust a long ways to fit.


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          Go into a bow show and try them all on. Everybody has a different hand and wrist, thus each release will fit us differently. Paul at the Archer's Den will pull the various releases out of the box to let you try it on a shoot a few arrows. Don't buy what someone else likes - go try 'em out yourself.


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            What I do know and allot of my friends do is we use our middle finger as the trigger finger. We have allot better groups and no more bumping the trigger with the middle finger.
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              As to quality

              you can't go wrong with a Carter or Scott.

              I agree with AG above, many shoot better with either a thumb or finger other than your index/ trigger finger- less punching. That said, you really need to try out some of these configurations prior to purchase.
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                In my personal oppinion I would go with a scott. I shoot a scott saber tooth. THe only downside I have found after shooting it for over a year, is the shiney calipers on it. I dont kjnow if they make it in a duller color but I love the release. My last release was a redhead and it chewed through d loops every couple hunderd arrows.


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