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    Well...the moose saga continues. I spotted a huge bull tonight in the Fairbanks management area, but he was in a off-limits area. This is the third time this has happened to me. I glassed him about 1/4 of a mile away and did some calling. He turned around a couple times but kept walking away. I still have 4 days left to try and nab him.
    That aside, I have to say I've had an incredible time just being out in the woods and enjoying everything else that makes up Alaska. I've been here a little over two years and will be leaving next summer, but it has been well worth it. There's still caribou, grizz and moose in November.
    Good luck to everyone still hunting. We should have a bbq at the end of this month and worship those that were successful this year. (Or just eat their moose meat).
    Have fun and be safe.

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    I am with you

    I am still out there chasing down some bulls. Hopefully I will be able to connect. Good luck.


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      I am out there too. I Have been hunting in Fairbanks Game Management unit all season. Good Luck


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        I can't get out until Saturday (maybe Friday night), but I'll be giving it one last shot in 14A. If unsuccessful, maybe I'll try Eklutna again in October. I've seen very little so far, but it only takes one...



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          wrong area

          It sounds to me like you need to stop hunting in off-limits areas. I could not resist. Good luck your last couple days.


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            Tonight's Prospect

            Tonight I will be headed into some swampy areas. This is the last area for me to check. These moose have definietly been hunted.

            good luck


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              Keep hunting hard. Don't give up..
              Living the Alaskan Dream
              Gary Keller
              Anchorage, AK


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