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  • Back-ups

    I know that many of us archers prefer to hunt alone. With bow in hand, how many of you carry a back-up such as a revolver when in blackie country.

    I have a few options: Carry a back-up rifle on the pack. Carry an Encore pistol (7mm/08) just in case the bow shot does not happen. Or carry the .44 revolver for bears. (could also carry a Contender in 30/30, .44 mag., .445 Supermag or .357 Max.)

    Not brownie hunting here. Hunting goats, sheep and deer.

    Carry a back-up or just the bow?

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    In bear country while bow hunting, I always would carry my 45 colt blackhawk. If I was hunting in big brownie territory, I wouldn't hunt alone.


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      I always carry my .44, never know whe you might need it. My luck the first time I leave it at home is the time I need it.
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        Carry the .44

        I too would carry the .44. It's probably the lighter of the bunch as far as weight and it will give you peace of mind as well when your breaking brush marching through the alders!


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          I can think of nothing more pleasent that busting through alders and devils club. It really makes my day. Leather gloves are a must and this time of year a short stick knocks the leaves off of the devils club easily as you walk along.

          Probably take the .44 with some 225 grain hard cast bullets. I can hit a goat out to 50 yards with that but then again, I can do the same with the bow.

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            n o backup


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              44 Mag - Alaskan

              I carry backup - not too sure if it's for the four legged critters, or the two legged variety. But, I'm packin' 300 grains of lead in my S&W 329PD (light weight, kicks like a mule, but she'll knock big holes in things if I can keep my wits about me).
              Good hunting.


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                .44 back-up

                I carry my .44 Ruger Super Redhawk With a 7.5" barrel with 300 grains of lead for back-up unless I am hunting the Fairbanks Game Management unit.


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                  One more

                  ..for the .44 with hard cast bullets.
                  Nothing like being caught stalking by a bigger badder stalker!


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                    Pepper Spray

                    I pack a can of bear spray with me if I am hunting up high in Sitka. I have not bumped into to many bears up in goat country. If I am down along the rivers looking for deer I usually take my 44 mag with.


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                      Guide Gun

                      Most anywhere I hunt there's a chance of running into Mr. Grizwald so I take along my 45-70 guide gun and I never feel lonely. 18 inch barrel, weighs 5 1/2 pounds, lays across my back nicely. Just feel alittle under gunned in griz country with my .44...


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                        i usually pack my .454 Casull... it'll stop a locomotive if need be!!!


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                          Originally posted by sellisrulzz View Post
                          i usually pack my .454 Casull... it'll stop a locomotive if need be!!!
                          Well, with little more muzzle energy than a 30-30, I doubt it would stop a train...

                          I find most handguns to be grossly underpowered if a bear truely wants to eat you. I like being light and mobile with my bow and hate things strapped to my waist. My choice is no back up and let the chips fall.
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                            I used to carry my 44 but I now carry my 500 magnum on all my bow hunts .Never had to pull it out yet on a bow hunt .

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                              I carrry my Taurus ultra-lite 44 mag. And I use Garrett 310 Grain Hammerheads. The garrett's are mean and have a lot of recoil but I do believe if I hit a brown bear in the vitals it would stop and kill him.



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