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    Is there alot of pressure in this Area?

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    The last time I hunted that area, there was moderate pressure. I hunted Chena lakes, and a place off of Nordale rd. I saw plenty of moose, but no bulls. Good luck.


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      Fairbanks Managment Area Maps?

      Do you know of anywhere you can get a good map of this area? Fish and Game or online? Any help is appreciated.


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        Try this...

        You can get nice maps made at this place:

        Geophysical Institue near UAF
        (I think they'll even laminate for you for a price)

        Then use the regs and draw the lines on. (easier with the lamintated maps)

        Here's the one off ADF&G website (click on it once at hit the enlarge buttom)

        Good luck!


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          Anyone having any luck?


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            First night I went out was a few days ago. I drew the cow tag, so I can't take bulls, and luck would have it that I crept up on two bull moose to about 30 yards. Didn't see any other moose that night. I past up a young lone cow while driving up to my folks house to process my dads moose that he shot in the flats, so I'm still mooseless, but I haven't really gone out since the other night. Too much stuff going on to be able to get out where I want to go, so I might just hold out till October-November to try and fill my tag.

            I've never run into a problem with crowds in Fairbanks. If you plan to just drive the roads, you will probably see other hunters, but you can find a good looking area and get off the roads to avoid that.


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              Hunting Fairbanks Management Unit

              I have been hunting the Fairbanks Management unit every day this season. There is quite a bit of pressure where I hunt. But I have been unable to find a better location. As far as luck goes, when there is 4-5 people hunting around you you end up seeing more hunters than moose. Not to mention the lack of respect for and to the land owners when there is that much hunting pressure. But what is a guy to do. There are no archery seasons here around Fairbanks ( In my opinion there should be ). Fairbanks Game Management unit provides the longest hunting season here in the Interior.
              Good luck where ever you deside to hunt.


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                I sent you a pm


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                  saw a nice bull tonight and no one else, to bad the wind was wrong to go after him. Figured low to mid 40" bull. Saw another one on the way home, nice palm bull maybe 30" in an area we can't hunt.


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                    Tonight was almost the night. Finally got on a nice bull w/ 20 minutes of shooting light. he stayed in some thick timber. maybe tomorrow. good luck


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