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Ft. Rich, DM424 Winners?

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  • Ft. Rich, DM424 Winners?

    Anybody here draw DM424 or know someone who did? I have found where a nice bull is hanging out and would be willing to share his general location with an ethical bowhunter who is willing to work for a nice moose.

    BTW, I am not seeking anything in return, just want to help out a fellow hunter.

    Let me know,

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    Moose hunt

    I drew a tag for that unit. I appreciate any help. I have been all around and have seen no bulls of good size.


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      How about an ethical Muzzleloader hunter

      ,,,even thoough I bowhunt as well. Actually going to be taking my wife and 11 year old daughter on this hunt. Is he on North post or South post?


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        There's a two bulls hanging out near the bombing range area on base. One is about 45" and the other is pushing 60"+ with 5 brow tines on one side.


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          South side

          Sorry Sal, he is on the south side so I think that rules you out.

          Joe, I PM'd my number to you, give me a call.


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            No Problem..

            ..but thanks just the same. Heck I'm just happy that I'll be able to hunt out there through the thick of the rut, and even later in December if necessary (but lets hope it's not).

            Go get him Joe!!!!


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              Hi Mulchatna, I'm 15 years old and i just drew my first permit ever and this will be my first moose hunt. I would really appreciate any information you could provide on the location of the bull you mentioned. I have killed several animals with a bow before, but this will be my first moose. I have been out scouting with my dad many times but just can't seem to find a bull anywhere yet. If you can help I'd really like it. Thankyou.


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                I work (Range Control) on base and today I saw a nice bull (probably 45") near the small arms ranges and another (50+") was spotted over near Cole Point, N of Otter Lake. There are nice bulls all over the South side of the highway. I ran into one a couple weeks ago that was way over 60". He was buddied up with another 50" and a couple of smaller bulls.


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                  My son drew a DM424 permit. So far has only seen a cow and calf. Any information regarding locations of recent bull sightings in any of the designated archery hunting sites on Ft Richardson would be appreciated. Thanks.


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                    I seen a monster 55+ 4 tines one each side right west of arctic valley road, If i could load the picture from my phone i would but he was a monster!


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                      Ready to go

                      My good friend drew this permit and he asked me to check it out. Where is a good place to go looking for these animals? I think west of arctic valley road puts me over by ship creek?
                      Pick A Spot


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                        The bulls must have a sixth sense..........they not only know when it's hunting season, but where the hunting areas are. The area west of Arctic Valley road is not an authorized hunting area as far as I know, but if you could entice Steve's monster to cross the road into area 11 when it's open, then........


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                          Maybe I will sit under a tree and make a sound like a carrot.
                          Pick A Spot


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                            Several bulls are sighted in TA-14A, 14B and 12A. You cannot access them from the post (Oil Well Road and Bulldog Trail) because the roads are closed for construction. You have to access the areas from the South end of Bulldog Trail. There is a network of roads on the civilian side of the border; or you can access the area from the Muldoon area. Get a map of the base and pay attention to the SW corner of the base.

                            Also, make sure those areas are open to recreation and check in with the MP's at the main gate or use USARTRAK to check into the area. I am not sure what areas are legal to archery hunt, so make sure you are in a legal area for that as well.


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