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    Does anyone have any recommendations as to what would be a good beginner bow for an adult who hasn't shot a whole bunch. Used would be ideal for I have a newborn and not much $$. I would be using it primarily for practicing before I actually start hunting with it but I wouldn't mind getting one that I could take a caribou or black bear with.

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    Need more info......

    You are going to have to find out if you shoot right or left handed,what your draw length is,what weight you feel comfortable with etc. Your best bet is to go to a shop like Fletcher's out in Wasilla or to the Sportsman's Warehouse and actually handle some bows.Tell them your situation,that you need measured and actually shoot some different models.Get an idea of what you are looking for and your specs and look around.Always some on here, or Ebay,and other archery forums. Hope this helps- Tim
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      I agree with Fletchers. He is a "very" confident archery shop owner. Yes his prices are higher than other places that I have seen but: You can pay for quality once or crap, a lot of times.

      There are a lot of archers out there that have to have the latest and fastest bows that come out. So usually sitting on the bow rack are some still pretty decent bows at a reasonable price.

      You might also want to consider a wheel bow instead of a high energy cam. It is more forgiving when at full draw and easier to shoot. If the boy is still growing maybe a Genisses with no set draw length would work.

      Parker is making some pretty nice starter sets. A friend who bought one loves it and the price is not going to break you.

      No matter which way you go, a good archery pro like Fletcher is a best first step.

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        Check out and you can find some used bows at a good price that aren't too old or an older on that is completely set up w/ everything you need to get started. Go to an archery shop ie Backcountry, Fletchers, or even sportsmans to get your draw lenght and maybe see whats out there you like the feel of and see if you can find on on AT for sale!


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          Also you can check out this page for complete packages. They have something for every budget. This also comes with everthing you need to get started.


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            Darton SL-50

            Good Darton SL-50 from 50# to 60#........


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