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Mathews Legacy issues

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  • Mathews Legacy issues

    I had a shooting buddy in Anchorage who had a Legacy & his bow after pulled back for a shot, would jerk forward without him ready to release. I have a Legacy & it does the same thing, but no one seems to know what causes this, anyone out there with the same issues?

    Thanks in advanced
    Marvin Parent

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    My Hoyt is the same way, short valley, hard back wall, which is what you want to be more accurate. Or so I've read. If you don't pull all the way back into the wall everytime you shoot, you won't be as consistant. But if you let it forward just a hair, or if you draw length is a bit too long, you start coming out of that valley and the bow wants to go. It took me a while to get used to it and i still forget once in a while.

    Good Luck


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      One or the other.

      Either your bow draw is to long for you or your string has stretched, increasing the draw just out side your comfort range. When you settle into your form your coming up the wall out of the letoff.


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