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  • String for Loop...

    Where can I purchase some string material for string loops? As well, what do you consider adequate for serving for above/below peep site...someone told me that regular dental floss would work good for the peepsite...but I am kinda iffy on that...

    Thanks in advanced
    Martin, switching to Mathews

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    Loop material

    You should be able to purchase it at your local Archery pro shop. If not there then Sportsmans wearhouse, Cabelas, Bass pro etc.


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      Great! Thanks...

      Living out in the Bush can be hectic in trying to find somewhere to purchase string loop, I called a local shop in ANCH & they told me to use freakin' dental floss! GO FIGURE!

      Oh well, found some on Cabela's but they were back ordered, so went to Bass Pro...

      Now for the string serving...


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        How far out in the bush are you? Kings Knock in Fairbanks can help, Fletchers in Wasilla, Sportsman Wharehouse, EBay and others.

        Not all loop material is the same. Some is to limp for my liking. The owner of King's Knock served my loop and I doubt I will ever wear it out now.

        If you really get in a bind us archers have to stick together. Maybe soeone can pick it up and mail it too you. I would but Valdez is a empty hole for archery supplies.

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          I am living in Marshall, trying now to find my peep site for a Mathews bow I bought back in 04...I put an NAP Quick tune drop away on there & am using briaded fishing line for the string to hold the rest up...hoping that would work for my Martin bow for serving too keep my peep from moving around...

          Thanks for the info on the FBX bowshop, will have to call them for orders..>

          Getting ready for Moose here in 2 day! Getting excited!!!!


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            on the serving

            Hello, I've been shooting for alot of years, heck, some of my first memories involve archery...................anyway, I've been using dental floss for all my peep serving for years, hands down better than anything I've used!!!!!

            I've used the string serving stuff and the problem is that it is too hard (which makes it perfect for servings ends and center servings) The dental floss is made up of hundereds of threads, the stuff only comes off when you want it too and even then it takes a very careful blade!!

            Serve like you would normally, and build it up, it makes a nice small serving, and most important is the serving knot, you use a second piece of thread, looped, serve around that then pull the loose end through your serving to make it nice and tight,,,,,,,look the knot up online.

            I even serve all my string leaches, and my drop away rest with it,,,,,,,,,,,play with it you won't be disappointed!! would not use anything else!


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              Are you saying that you need a peep and a piece of serving to tie it in?

              I have a roll of serving that I can cut a piece from, an instring peep that requires no tubing here. 9You divide the string three times and it holds it in place)

              I also have a piece of rubber peep tubing if ya need it. I can have it all in the mail tomorrow for you.


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                Thanks for the offer...

                But I just gutted my old Martin for my Mathews Legacy, I took the old peep off & used the braided fishing line for serving. Likewise, I took my Montana Trap Door off my Martin & put it on my Mathews, so I have a nice set up going there, I just need the string loop, as I shot the bow today with out the loop & noticed the severe pinching on the nock. I ordered some loops from Bass pro, so I will pass on the offer Dave, but thanks for being there...

                Now I need to know what to do with my old Martin? Pass it on to my eldest son, who is only 8, or do I auction it off on Ebay, or try to sell it on this site?


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                  Dental floss does work, so I hope you don't think they were trying to blow smoke up you end. I carry some all the time in the woods as a back up if I can not have other serving.
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                    The best online source for archery supplies is Lancaster Archery.
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