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DM427 Ft. Rich Draw Permit

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  • DM427 Ft. Rich Draw Permit

    Does anyone have any suggestions from experiance for this hunt. I grew up hunting in Northern Idaho so I'm used to later season hunts but I have no experiance with Moose at this time of year 15 Dec - 15 Jan. I have access to the base so that will not be an issue..

    I cant wait.....

    Thanks for any info you do give.

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    Pray for snow. Seriously, this hunt is great, but it can be especially good if we get early, heavy snows that push more moose down out of the mountains. The early season hunters put a fair amount of pressure on this area, but snow will push new moose into the area right as your hunt starts (if all works out). If we do have snow, I'd concentrate your efforts in the areas on the mountain side of the unit. Different areas are open everyday, so you'll have to play that by ear, but that's where the new moose would be that are pushed down by snow. Also, spending time near the boundaries of the unit can be productive as well, as you may run into moose moving into the area that haven't seen hunters yet. As for hunting the base side of the unit, try and get off the road. A surprising number of hunters on Ft. Rich seem to just run the roads. Not very productive, if you ask me. You can always get lucky, but as with all hunting, success comes to those who work.

    Good luck....I'm insanely jealous.



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      I plan on spending alot of time out there after the early season is over. I dont think there is any reason to go check things out when all the other hunters and snow are going to push the moose around way before I even think about trying to find them. I did notice alot of M/L hunters right off the road on the base side last year now that you say that.

      Thanks for the info and if anyone has anything else to add please do.



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        My buddy and I drew the same tag for this winter and we are looking forward to it as well. I too have heard- PRAY FOR SNOW AND LOTS OF IT!!! We're kicking around the idea of using snow shoes and sleds in some areas just to get away from folks. I think that talking to the MP's and wildlife people will offer more information i.e.- # of kills, location of kills, recent moose sightings, etc... I went to the proficiency shoot and orientation class last Sunday and they said to call them and ask these questions. They seemed very helpful and eager/anxious to work with us. I don't think using techniques typically used in the fall (calling, raking) will work, BUT, I could be wrong. I'm pretty much going to wait it out a bit before zeroing in on certain areas and keep tabs on the snow conditions. Best of luck to ya and shoot straight!


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          From experience in that hunt...

          Yes...pray for lots of snow. I drew that tag in 03, hunted the first 12 days of the season in December, and killed my bull on day 12 on the backside of the main base. That year, there was TONS of snow...we got 12 fresh inches of snow 3 nights in a row the first weekend of the season. It made tracking moose movement very easy, which definetely led to my success as well as my partners. The next year (winter of 04) was very poor for the winter bow hunters. There was very little snow, and what snow was there, was VERY loud and crunchy which made it very difficult to put a stalk on anything.

          If you get lots of snow, hunting the mountain side of the base could be quite difficult. Most of those units on that side where lots of the moose are killed in the fall are very difficult to access with deep snow conditions. I'm not saying it isn't possible, but much more difficult if you're trying to get back away from the trailheads.

          I'd scout every day (early morning!!!) as much as you can at the end of November until opening day. My success was directly related to my pre season scouting. I had 8-10 different bulls located and could find them every almost every day without question at first light..only problem was that the units where most of these bulls hung out was only open a few days...that's the problem with that hunt. But...if you know where the bulls are, and that unit opens're there holding a moose rack in your hands in a few hours.

          If you put in the time and effort, you should no doubt get a moose. I was holding out for a bull, but could have killed a cow nearly every day I hunted.

          Good luck to you...if you have any questions...PM me and I'll help you out.


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            Yes, Pray for snow and lots of it. I had that permit in '04 and the snow was very crunchy. I had a heck of a time putting a stalk on anything. I planned a 5 day hunt and shot my bull on the 5th day. If you want antlers, go early. My bull had dropped his already and we saw two others with only one antler left. I went from Dec. 26-31.

            Early morning was productive for me as that is when we saw the majority of our moose. I hunted the northern part of the base. You can PM me too if you have more questions.


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              Awesome tag

              I had that same permit last year. It is an awesome hunt. There was very little snow last year. I spent a couple days kicking around the bulldog trail, but there were too many other hunters, so I got into sheep hunting mode and headed for the mountains. I ended up getting a 45 inch bull, but...I had to walk over three miles from the trailhead and above timberline to get him. Interestingly enough, he was with a couple smaller bulls and cows. I laid an ambush but was off by about 100 yards when they came out of the brush. Some soft calling brought him in. If you're insane you could head into Snowhawk Valley. I saw some BIG bulls in there, but way too far to pack out. Probably 6-7 miles.
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                Found a few Bulls

                Thanks for all the info guys. I have a few nice bulls I'm keeping an eye on, I just hope they hold onto their rack a little longer.


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                  I have this tag also. I wasn't aware that you could scout early until I ready this thread. Are you military? Is that how you gained early access? I am not hearing good things about moose dropping antlers and am worried that nothing will be left with horns. Have you seen any that have dropped already?


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                    Ken - It's an either sex hunt, right? This hunt isn't really known as a large bull hunt, but more of a freezer-filler. Good luck to you!



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                      Originally posted by Ken R View Post
                      I have this tag also. I wasn't aware that you could scout early until I ready this thread. Are you military? Is that how you gained early access? I am not hearing good things about moose dropping antlers and am worried that nothing will be left with horns. Have you seen any that have dropped already?

                      Yes I am military. But I havent been scouting much on the main side of the base. I've seen alot of cows and some bulls, but I have yet to see a bull the has droped his antlers. With that said though I'm sure that they have started and only time will tell.

                      I would love to get a nice bull but will be more than happy taking any moose with my Bow. If I only had the Elmendorf permit this year wow did I see some monsters out there this fall.

                      Well good luck to you and all others in the coming weeks.


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                        Early access Ft Rich

                        Ken R, you can got to the main gate at Ft Rich and get yourself a Rap pass
                        and do all the scouting you want, It is the same pass you will get at the orientation nxt wk if you don't have one by then..


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                          I'd hunt somewhere around here

                          I see insane amounts of tracks in the vicinity of beach lake.
                          I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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                            Ft Rich ACCESS warning

                            ALL RECREATION including scouting and hunting is controlled by USARTRAK permit. To be legal you MUST have one and MUST check in to find out what units are open or closed to recreation.

                            I'd recommend calling Dave Battle at 384-3909 or 229-1689 to get info on this hunt... and/or the scouting...


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                              FT rich access

                              USARTRAK is THE name of the SYSTEM used to track people on base. YOU need
                              a Recreational Access Permit to access the base. THEY are issued at the main gate and THEY are most helpful on EXPLAINING the rules of the base and it's recreational activities. There has been plenty of guys out SCOUTING for the last few weeks..


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