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  • Youth Bow Recommendations

    Need some recommendations for a new compound bow for the kids. Not looking for top of the line, but something that will stand up to being handeled by 4 kids over many years.
    They have been shooting the Brave for the past few years are are more than ready to move up a notch or two.
    Thanks for any info.

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    As far as getting a youth bow I don't think there is too much of this bow is better than that bow you really need to look into what will work best for your kids. I would reccomend something that has adjustable draw length and adjustable draw weight and I have seen bows that can grow with a kid above and beyond childhood, as far as being able to upgrade limbs for heavier draw weights and pulls. I myself as a kid had a PSE and used it from age 5-12 and then hit a point in my life where I was inbetween youth was too small and light and adult was too heavy and long, until I was about 15. But anyways you want something that has a lot of adjustment, so it can grow along with your kids.


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      My family and I are relatively new to archery. We found the PSE Spyder to be a decent bow for the money. One we purchased new and the other was bought used but was in really good shape. The boys really enjoy them and have room to grow.


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        Thanks for the advice!


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          Geniess bow. You can change the draw lenght as they grow. It's a great bow and for the price you get a well built bow.
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            Browning Youth Bows

            The Browning Adreliene (sp) IMO is a perfect kids bow. It has 10" draw length adjustment and can be adjusted with out a press. One model has a 40# max draw weight if your child wanted to hunt some species down the road.



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