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  • Haul Road report..

    Just returned from our first trip up there.. A few observations..

    I noticed no ill will from the truckers, infact i would argue that they are very courteous.. Often when we were pulled off of the road in pull-outs they would drive by in the far lane (I assume because they know they throw quite a few rocks). We also had a CB and truckers told us to go ahead and pass, that we were clear. They were more than willing to tell us if they'd seen any caribou and what the weather was like.

    Second, didn't have any problems with tires, knock on wood, but did have a some brake problems due to rocks flying all over the place. We drove to Deadhorse and went on somewhat of a wild goose chase trying to find a little shop to fix them (obviously there are no service shops, just oil buildings). We went to Brooks Range Supply (NAPA) and they hooked us up with ASRC (right letters, may be wrong order). They were very helpful considering they had their own work to do, but they took care of us.. If you have a chevy with some issues, they may be able to help. FYI, lunches up there are 10-15 bucks, snack food is available at a reasonable price, and gas was 3.69, as stated in previous posts. The temp was about 40 in Deadhorse, and ranged from 35-65 over the 100 miles we hunted.

    Saw a few ptarmigan but seemed like more luck than anything. Didn't seem like they'd be worth hunting for, but they were a nice addition to the bow resume.

    Didn't fish, we were prepared to but were too consumed with our hunt to spend any time casting.

    Saw a bold red fox, sow with cubs up by the boat launch (big ol' gal too), single muskox, lots of hawks, and specklebelly's.

    Overall, fun trip, WET..

    As for caribou, we saw some.. and did alright .

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    Where did you see the specks at? How many? We are headed up there in a week, and waterfowl opener is 1 Sep. Mabye I'll leave the Tundra Donkey huinting to the buddies and go after some geese!
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      North.. Way north. On our drive to Deadhorse we started seeing some. We did see a fair number of canadians starting just after PS3. The specs were mostly north of PS2, scattered between there and Deadhorse.


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        Congrats on your succesful hunt!!! You got my blood flowing now. I really want to head up there.
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