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  • Looking for bow opinions...

    I am looking to by a bow and am trying to get through the hype to the truths on the bows I am looking at. I have recently talked to multiple bow techs that have all said the same thing on the bowtech tribute (guessing other bowtechs also) that the limbs are breaking on them. Don't worry this was not just the mathews or hoyt dealers talking, as a matter of fact one sells bowtech and will not be carrying them after the ones he has sell. Before this info. I was thoroughly impressed with the tribute. Not too sure about pumping $700+ out on a possible problem. I am mainly looking for opinions on the Hoyt's (have shot and read about the Ulratec, looking for shooter reviews) and Mathews Switchback XT (will be shooting it hopefully tommarow). Thanks a ton...

    Happy hunting...

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    I have not heard of this huge # of people having issues with limb breakage on the Bowtec's. I would go with what you like the most and not by what you are hearing. I can go through and tell you what I have heard with the problems on the switchback and the hoyt. Don't rule it out. No I don't shoot a tribute so there is no favortism toward this company.


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      Go visit Tom at Kings Nock and give the Martin Bengal a try. I shoot a Mathews Ovation for target work and bought the Bengal on a whim. It's a great shooter and for $400 it's an amazing little bow.
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        i bought a switchback xt and i think its the best bow i have shot, it shoots smooth quiet fast


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          Another bow

          One bow that hasn't got much attention but I feel compares favorably to the new switchback is the 2006 Browning Illusion. I have shot both and actually like the Illusion a little better. It is also a little cheaper. Just something to think about.


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            I shoot an older Hoyt, but my next bow purchase will undoubtably be the Matthews Switchback...What an awesome piece of equipment!
            And the solo cam keeps things simpler and easily tuned....
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              All my friends have been buying the Mathews Switchback XT. They all love them and say it is the best bow they have shot. Seems like everyone compared it to the top of the line Bow Tech and Hoyt and all like the Switchback better. I was going to get a Switchback, but decided to use the HCA one more year.


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                This was my first year with a Mathews XT .
                Have been a die hard Martin man for quite a few years but made the SWITCH and what a great choice it was .

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                  For me I love Mathwes. But if money is an issue go see Bill at Back Country He has a package deal on PSE and Diamonds. He has been selling a ton of these Diamonds for around $450 as a package deal. Also He was several bows there where you can go and try them out.

                  But if you want to spend the money you can't go wrong with either a hoyt or a Mathwes. Are you shooting fingers or a release?
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                    I shoot release...
                    Thanks for the replys so far...I have shot a Hoyt ultratec and was pretty impressed with it...I will be shooting a switchback this week, and the tribute also. Thanks so much again

                    Happy hunting


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                      I shoot a Bowtech Patriot. The best advice I can give you is go shoot as many differnt bows as possible. Forget about all the great things everyone tells you about there bow and by the one that fits you the best. I love my Bowtech and never heard of the problems with the Tribute.


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                        I've been very impressed with my Ultratec that I bought about 2 years ago. It is very flat shooting, very fast and pretty quiet considering the energy it's releasing. I've shot other hoyts (many other brands too) for years but I will have this bow for years to come. I'm using Hoyt's own fall away rest and sight system that works great as well.

                        Asking folks about which bow they should by is like asking which is better....Ford or Chevy. You will get a lot of different responses, which is great becuase I'm glad there are so many choices out there for us. Pull a few different bows back...get a feel for them and just see what you like best. I like Hoyt's the best and I really enjoy shooting my Ultratec.

                        Good luck!


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                          Which bow to get

                          Go to all the shops that you possibly can, pick up as many bows as you can and shoot them. Get the one that fits you well and is comfortable to shoot. If it feels good, you'll shoot good. If your fighting it, you're accuracy will show it. Fine tuning and accessorizing will come later. With the prices these days, well, that's just a demon you'll have to deal with. I'm a loyal Hoyt guy, but if a Hoyt doesn't feel good to ya, DON'T get one. Shop around!!!!! Good luck!!!


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                            I have shot many bows and was a martin fan for years, that was untill i started shooting the Hoyt ultratec, This is by far the best bow that i have ever shot, So quite and smooth. I also have a Hoyt trykon but i like the ultratec the best. i would recommend shooting one,



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                              Last month I purchased a Reflex Buckskin, and for the money, I am highly impressed.


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