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    Okay gents, going to 14A for the Bow hunt this year for the first time. I have permission to hunt some private land of 350 acres of what I consider very nice moose habitat complete with a couple of small lakes and a couple of streams.
    I am the only hunter they have given permission to hunt on their land, so I expect to all alone.
    Now, moose is the primary game of course, but I was considering bringing a rifle for black bear in the event I had early success with moose, and there was enough sign to make it worth it.
    What do you think?

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    Well, it can't hurt, but it can be pretty tough to come across a black bear in those woods. I've hunted parts of 14A quite a bit and have never seen a bear. If you'll be near a salmon stream it might be worth a shot, but the meat won't taste very good. On that note, the fur will be much nicer in a month or two. Honestly, you'll have your hands full with the moose if you're successful, but never know when the perfect opportunity will arise.



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      Another thought-


      You're gonna have to make your mind up on your weapon too. I've had hunters show up with both a rifle and a bow before. The question each day is, which one are you going to carry? Invariably if you choose the bow, all the shots that present themselves will be too far. If you choose the rifle, a bull will walk by twenty yards away. Murphy's Law.

      Just decide how you're going to play it and leave the other weapon at home. You'll have enough going on in the field already without having to worry that you should go back to the tent for the rifle...

      Just my take.

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        Mike - I'm guessing that he's referring to the early season bow-only hunt in 14A (Aug. 10-17). In that case, there isn't much of a choice to be least as far as the moose is concerned. If he's going to use an ATV he could strap both on to the machine, but you're right, he'll probably only be able to carry one. If he's going during these dates, it's gotta be the bow.



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          Well thanks fellas for the info, I have been thinking about Murphy's Law myself and, being a frequent victim of this, decided to just carry the bow. Not using an ATV, I think this was important to the landowner though he never mentioned it.
          Also bringing my 9 year old daughter along, so that plus a moose will certainly keep me busy enough.

          Thanks Again.


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            Whats wrong with using your bow for a bear if the shot happens to present itself?


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