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  • carbon arrows for longbow

    I was thinking about breaking out the old longbow and was looking at shooting goldtip arrows with it cause I can pick them up for about 45.00 a dozen. My question is what spine to use, would you use something lighter or would you use the same as they recommend for the compound bows. Better yet if anyone knows where to get some decent wood shafts for less than 80.00 a dozen I would shoot them.

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    wood arrows

    i buy mine from straight flight arrow co. here in anchorage, he makes them himself and i have had good luck with them, i have ordered from him a few times, he has them done in a week or two and he is easy to work with,
    his email is his name is brian


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      What arrows to shoot?

      If you go to they have a size selection chart which includes traditional bows. This chart will help you select the correct size arrows.

      Shoot straight


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        I believe Bill at Back Country Archery, has some nicely done wood arrows for $60ish a dozen.


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          If you're in fairbanks I can get you set up the first time with the right arrows to be shooting as far as wood is concerned.

          I don't shoot carbons anymore unless they are weighted and I really would rather shoot wood. Reason being is I believe the main reason my old bow cracked was shooting to light of an arra. Not to mention it ended up getting massive handshock due to the excess energy left over from the to light of an arrow. Don't take that the wrong way I dont care how light of an arrow you shoot, just my experience.


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