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broadhead target recomendations-

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  • broadhead target recomendations-

    What are you guys using? 3-d's, blocks, home made bales- need some advice to check fixed blade broadheads for ft. richardson moose and dalton grizz-

    thanks guys!

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    I like the morrel, cheap and built to last


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      morrel here too, its worked the best and half the price


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        thanks guys

        I am going to call sportsmans warehouse first-

        good luck-


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          Block Target

          I like using this target for shooting field tips or broadheads. Happy hunting


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            I like the rine harts if u are willing to spend the extra cash for a good target.


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              Rhineharts are by far the best 3d target, but I would never shoot a broadhead into one. That could get real spendy really quick.


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                Block, Black Hole, foam

                I have had my Block for 4-5 years and even though I have had to take it apart and rotate sections.... it lives on.

                Black Hole - Ok for field points and a few broadheads. Other than that it is a light, throw in the truck target.

                A six inch piece of foam board works well or 2 thicknesses of 1 1/2" foam. More of a throw away target but cheap and you don't tear up the more expensive targets.

                A burlap bag will with plastic shopping bags or better yet, shrink wrap also works well.

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                  Rhinehart makes a 18/1 block type target that is very good and built for shooting broadheads into. They challenged the block to a $100,000.00 shoot off 2 years ago, and the block declined. Rhinehart went ahead and shot it and there was no comparison. It costs a little more, but definately worth the difference, and will last a long time.


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                    i bought the yellow jacket target at Sportsmans for like $40, works excellent on broadheads. not for fp's tho.


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                      Another Yellow Jacket shooter here. I got two seasons out of mine and now am getting shoot throughs with LOTS of broadhead shots.
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                        Yellow Jacket Supreme B/ SW/Wasilla

                        Morrell makes a bag model target for field points, $63, but for broadheads, this Supreme model (see, for $90 and looks like what I saw at SW/Wasilla last week.
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                          Just a few broadhead shots on my expensive mckenzie shotblocker and I am almost getting pass throughs so I bought a rhienhart. Wow that is one tough little target. Just DO NOT shot G5 T3 into as when you go to pull the arrows out the blades will come off in the target! My target now has three blades somewhere inside it. The rage broadheads to pull right out of it as to fixed blade broad heads. The rhienhart was expensive for its size but it is clear that it will last for years to come instead of a season or two. Have not used the new block target for a comparision.


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                            I think the bag-type targets are primarily for field points. Broadheads will cut big holes in the plastic weave.
                            Bales will eat your broads trying to pull them out.
                            The best targets for broadheads are foams most guys listed above. The one Rhinehart with different angles is great if you want to walk around to different shooting angles (or tree) without moving the target. But for me, the cheapest works great.
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                              rhinehart, broadheads pull easy, and they last almost forever. Also the glendell full rut buck is excellent with replaceable core and fun practicing too. It's my favorite go to broadhead practice before the hunt.


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