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Haul Road Sept 2021

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  • Haul Road Sept 2021

    Looks like I am in the planning stages of a September Haul Road hunt :-) Looking forward to 10 days of no news and being outdoors!
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    Heading up August 15th sounds like it may be a zoo up there this year hoping the road construction north of pump station 2 does not cause to many head aches.


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      With the Nelchina quotas I might head up that way also. Hopefully it will be after someone files a report and I can decide, do it or not.

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        Anybody have news on the herd movement on the Haul Road?


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          Been very slow. Road Construction North of Pump 2 takes forever to get through. I've been up twice so far, have seen 10 caribou total. Passed a few small bulls is all. No one is seeing anything. I was lucky enough to arrow a grizzly though, on the drive up.


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