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    Our daughter asked for a bow this year. She also wants to join the archery team at her school this fall.
    I picked my bow back up and we both shoot in the back yard together. Maybe by fall, we can crank the poundage up so she can shoot a deer.

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    I started out a long time ago shooting a long bow and cedar arrows. My older brothers had recurves and got to participate in the first ever archery only elk hunt in Washington state. They brought home several of those elk. I've been hooked ever since.
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      Contact the high school archery team to see exactly "what" equipment is allowed for the archery team. Different set-ups, put people into different classes of competition.

      Then, if you haven't already, take her to an archery pro shop and make sure the bow is set-up for her. It will take care of a lot of frustration right from the start. Screaming Eagle in Wasilla is excellent. This fall I took my Mathews in for new cables and string. That means peep and other things too. I got it home and shot it at 20 yards - dead on. 30 - dead on. 40 - dead on. I have NEVER in 50+ years of archery had that happen.

      If in Anchorage, Full Curl Archery. They have done well for me too but Wasilla is way closer to me.

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