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  • Treestands and Blinds

    New to bowhunting, so I'm wondering what folks think up here about bear hunting over bait from either stands or blinds. Is safety a big concern in a blind? Effectiveness? How/where are folks getting treestands? Research indicates high shipping to get one up here from outside. Are there good local sources? Thanks to all for any thoughts/advice.

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    No Blinds

    You don't want to be on the ground in a blind when you're baiting blackies!
    Don't worry, you'll still be considering safety when that bruin comes in close and your in a stand.
    I have seen several makes/models of stands at Sportsman's Warehouse. I brought mine up, so I haven't really paid much attention to them here in stores.
    I like my climber, but I have seen other stands that sombody has built into/onto trees. Don't care for that whole idea myself, I like that no trace concept.

    Good Luck.


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      I for one would stay away from blind usage . If you are baiting you might bring in a Brownie and I for one would not want to be in a blind when one (brownie ) comes around !!!!!
      Tree stand for sure .
      Shiping one up from the lower 48 would be costly for sure .
      There are a few places in Anchorage that carry tree stands sportsman warehouse is one .

      Have a good safe one mort .

      Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
      Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!



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        no problemo....

        Hi Mort,
        Hey I can post here since I just got my bow cert., woohoo! Hey no problem getting stands here in the interior. They are available at Sportmans and other sources-fairly reasonably also..
        Treestands are very popular for bear hunting here and certainly bode well over blinds for shear safety.
        I have a friend who uses a blind very successfully, 'course he'd probably wrestle a bear if he could...
        regards, fk
        Proud to be an American!


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          Blind vs. Stand

          I have used both up here, and I can tell you that safety is always a concern. A few years back I was in a blind and I had 2 grizzly (probably just left mom) come into the bait. They turned toward me and I had to chase them off at 10 feet. Boy that will wake you up in the morning, or middle of the night, what ever the case. The point is that you never really know what is going to happen out there. In my experience when using blinds over bait, take a friend with a rifle. Two sets of eyes, and one big gun sure does to help level the playing field.
          As far as stands go safety can also be a consideration. I have had bears climb up the tree that I was sitting in. They are not always easily chased off. The main point of this is that hunting bears is fun and a great challenge, but it can also be very dangerous. Keep your wits about you and stay awake, and you will have many stories to share with the grand kids. Fall asleep in a ground blind and you might never meet the grand kids.
          Good hunting my friend and enjoy those bear steaks.


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            I got a Lone Wolf stand off their web site. They listed shipping as $9.00 but it ended up being $31.00. Hopefully they have updated their site to warn about extra shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. Otherwise, this stand is only 8.5lbs and does not make a sound. Very nice, but expensive.


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              Awesome feedback gang, thanks. I was mostly concerned about being in a blind, as you have reinforced. I will have a bud with a rifle, but you never know when he's gonna fall asleep too! Think I'll stick with a borrowed treestand until I'm convinced otherwise. Cheers.


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                I'm with you friend fullkurl... rather be on the ground than in the tree anyday...had a big cinnamon sow come in with 3 cubs of the year one time when a client and I were in adjacent treestands...a 5th bear came in and the sow went crazy! Woffed the cubes up the tree trees right beside us, I touched one as it climbed past me to the top of the tree...the 5th bear came into the bait and finally the client arrowed and killed the bear, while the cinnamon sow just made a mess of the willows behind us. 5 minutes after the 5th bear had been dead the sow came back and proceeded to come up the tree I was sitting in. She got agitated by the ladder and ripped it off the tree, it was chained, and I really though I would have to shoot her and enjoy all that misery of paperwork and possible charges that would accompany such action. I also didn't like the option of being the human tetherball as I had the safety harness on as well. I've had many bears walk right up to the ground blinds we build out of natural material on site, and only one has tried to jump in the blind with us. I feel better on the ground, brown bears or not...I don't like being tied to a tree.


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                  I would definetly look at getting a stand you are really comftorable in. Between the bugs driving you crazy and the long hours on stand being comftorable really makes it easier to stay on stand. I used my climber last year but ended up going with a two man ladder stand this year. Gave me a little more room and I was able to make a few adjustments to it to hopefully keep the bears away from it. I left my climber on the tree last year and the bears took several big bites out of my seat.


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                    Stands and Bugs

                    I have used both manufactured tree stands and built them from natural material. I prefer building, they will be large enough to accommodate two persons, and their gear. One is the shooter and the other to run the video camera. I currently have five kills on film plus a number of other bears. When building a stand I put them a minimum of 12 feet above the ground. There is safety in height! ABOUT THE BUGS: For about $25.00 or less you can get a Thermacell. If they were $50.00 I would still buy one! They are awesome! 225 sq ft of protection. I can sit in the stand with no gloves, headnet or other bug proof gear.


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                      blind vs tree

                      I would sit on the ground if it made sense, but to me it's not worth it. The risk of brown bears has been mentioned, and how to solve that, having a rifle, but here's the rub: its illegal to kill a brown over bait, and to kill one in defense of life is the absolute last resort. Game wardens frown upon shooting a brownie over bait because the hunter didn't think he'd be in any danger from one if he sat on the ground beside his bait. (I think they would view that as the ignorance defense, and that usually doesn't get anywhere!) Though blackies will and do climb trees, big browns can't very well, so half your problem's solved. If a blackie does climb and wont' be deterred, well, that's what you're hunting for anyway!

                      The other problem with ground blinds is scent and sound. Blacks are very very dependant on their noses for safety! Scent tends to puddle around a stationary source, then slowly spread from that source. So if you're sitting on the ground, you will most likely be surrounded by a big strong cloud of your scent, and that will make any bear very leary about coming in. Once you get off the ground a little, thermals tend to stir your scent and disperse it much quicker. Theoretically, while the bear will still be able to catch your scent occasionally, it won't all be concentrated in one spot for him to get a fix on you. I don't think they're too perturbed by the faint whiffs, because they smell that along with the bait from my bringing bait to the stand. I also leave sweaty shirts at the bait when I leave and spray my bug dope around to accustom that scent with the fresh bait at the station. Then sound: sound on the ground is also easier to get a fix on than sound made when up in a tree.

                      Get a good comfortable tree stand, use your safety harness, and have a blast!


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                        I bought my tree stand from sportsmans wharehouse and the price was the same as ordering it once you figure in the shipping..


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                          Here in the east I use stands for months, Oct.-Jan. And theft is a problem. I use all types, climbers, ladders, hang ons. You might want to try a hang on, strap type, it takes two seconds to set up, is quiet, you can take it with you so it won"t get stolen. I"ll keep some tree steps in trees at hunting locations, also extra in my car if needed, and i"m setup nice and quick! Even the best climbers make noise as you climb, not something you want at a bait site, where the bears may be close by! Please use a safety strap/ line, you can make your own out of tube type rock climbers webbing, I"ve had two sons fall out of trees, they are fine, but at the end of the hunt you want to go home! If intrested in hang on type stands take a look at the loc on windwalker, 8 lbs, I think, it"s small but made for traveling, if your going to fix the stand in place go for comfort! Bill.
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                            Definitely a stand!!!


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