switchback xt vs bowtech alleg?



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  • switchback xt vs bowtech alleg?

    i am buyin one of the two next week and cant figure out which one i want to get, i have shot matthews feather max for awhile and like it but the bowtech allegence sure seems to shoot smooth, lookin for some feedback on the two from people that have bought them

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    I don't know all the bowtech spec's but For me what I look at is the brace hieght. If it's under 7 inches I stay away from it. 7 and above tends to have more forgiveness. Also I look at the axel to axel. Shoot them both and this should tell you what bow to go with. They are both good companies. I have a Mathwes Q2xl and it's the perfect bow for me!!!!
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      Switchback XT !!!!!

      I've never shot the Bow tech, but i own and love the switchback XT. It is Definitely the smoothest shooting bow i've ever shot. Anyone else that shoots it compares it to a toy. I can't say anything bad about the bow tech but i'm sticking with the Mathews.


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        New Bow

        I havent shot the switchback I am still shooting the Outback. I have several friends who have the switchback and really like it. I also have never heard a bad thing about any bowtech bows. I don't think you will go wrong with either one. Good luck.


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          I have a bowtech, its smooth, quite and fast. I've never heard anything bad about a Mathews. Both I'm sure are good bows.


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            Xt is a smooth shooting bow..But from the test that I read out of bowhunters its se Pdf is low.1.303 in the 60 lbs..Even at 70 its Se Pdf would not be that much higher..Bowtech how ever has a huge 1.400 se pdf and is just as smooth as the xt..I shoot the Lx so there is not hunt in this one for me..JMO that bow tech could offer a lot more
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              One monkey's view

              I don't know how many threads I've started by first saying... I'm no expert... But here goes another.... It's just one more monkey's view...

              I shot my fair share of both the XT and the Allegiance... Granted I'm fairly new to bows and don't have a real discerning hand... However, during my research I shot both quite a bit...

              I have nothing bad to say about either... My search led me to the following...

              Matthews felt the best in my hand.. Neutral balance and smooth... The single cam was is tried and true but not an deciding issue.... but the fixed draw length was a concern....

              Bowtech was right there with Matthews... Smooth, fast, quite and felt nice... The Binary cam was noted but not a do or die issue.. I liked the ease of adjusting the draw length and draw weight...

              So what was my decision... I ended up getting a deal on a Diamond (bowtech) Liberty... It rated very high and was almost $300 cheaper than either of the above...

              Hope this helps

              Ps. do a search for Huntersfriend and check out their packages as well as tuning... Mine has been awesome out of the box...


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                thanks for the info, ended pickin up a xt today and went to the range twice today, had to much fun so i am goin back in the mournin, smooth


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