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  • Archery hunting and quality tags

    Will a person have a higher chance of drawing a quality tag if they are a bowhunter in Alaska? I live in WY and here a person has a much better chance to draw a good elk or deer tag if they apply for an archery hunt. I was wondering if Alaska was set up the same way and if it would be easier to draw a good (quality/trophy area) moose or caribou tag if you hunt with a bow.

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    There aren't any bow-only drawing tags for caribou, but where the bowhunter has the edge is with moose and sheep. The drawback with the sheep, however, is that one of the best archery hunts is at the end of the season when the sheep are more skittish and the weather turns cold and snowy in the mountains. There is one area for caribou that is bow only, but it's a general season hunt - no drawing tag needed. Anyhow, there are some good opportunities for bowhunters up here, but it's not really widespread in that regard.



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