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    So what's the best new thing out there for tightening groups. I haven't really been 'into' the tech side of things for awhile. I shoot an old but solid Scott release, PSE Quantum bow, and a trophy taker fall away rest. Still haven't gone to carbon. I can shoot well now, but anything to improve accuracy I love. Any new broadhead that is best for bear? I drew the haul road tag, and currently shoot Thunderhead 125s on XX78 shafts with 74# draw weight. I don't think that there is an arrow out there that will pass through anything but ribs on a bear, but with all that hair and fall fat, I want to open up two big holes for trailing. And no, I won't use expandables, especially for bear....

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    What weight arrow are you shooting?


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      I like the G5 Montec for a brodhead its a 1 piec and EXTREMLEY accurate.


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        Don't know of any magic new technology that will tighten groups. The basics are the same, the bow needs to be tuned to you, and you need to have good form. Some bows are more forgiving than others, but if you get your bow tuned properly, and have good form, the arrows will go where you want them.
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          Magnus Stingers

          You might want to switch to a 2-blade cut-on-contact broadhead such as the Magnus Stinger 125 grain 2 blade. I push them at 285 fps and have no problems out to 40 yards where they are only 2" low from my field points.

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            on the 125gr. stingers. Intense slicing with the two blade-- with great flight/tragectory.
            Why not switch to the carbon? Just curious...
            And I think expandables are illegal for AK brownies/griz, but legal for I correct there fellas?
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              fullkurl you are correct...expandables are only legal for caribou, black bear, Dall sheep and deer. Everything else requires a fixed blade head.
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                Heres what I've learned.

                I fletched 3 arrows each with Bohning 4" (helical), Blazer 2" (helical) and Quikspin 3.125" (slight offset) this year. Both the Blazer vanes and Quick Spin made tighter groups. Blazer seem to last the longest. Quick spin may group slightly better but lose speed quicker down range. I will be using Blazer.

                I used Axis arrows last fall. Nearly indestructable, I shot 9 critters around the yard with the same arrow and is still good. The Axis arrows penetrated deeper in my block target than my Super Slamm XX78 and are much quieter on the rest. Smaller diameter = better penetration. This summer I'm trying Full Metal Jacket. I like them but not much better than the Axis except they come out of 3D targets much easier. This makes me think more penetration but I haven't shot them side by side with broadheads yet. FMJ are a little heavier so the drop a little quicker than the Axis. OK if you know the exact distance. One think I know for sure is heavier arrow = more penatration.

                I used Thunderheads for years. Lots of game have been and will be taken by them, but I think they are old technology (20 years or more). I have used Spitfires in WI for deer and have had great success. They make a large ENTRY and exit hole. Gearing up for an AK moose hunt last fall I shot two deer with NAP Crossfires and I like them. Solid, sharp and fly like my field tips. I tried G5s, seem dull to me but solid and flew well. Sharpen them before you hunt with them.

                A well tuned bow with matched arrows shot in the right spot beats technology anytime. But why not tuse both.

                My fall 2007 AK moose hunt will be with Axis arrows, Blazer Vanes and Crossfires. Well thats just my 2 cents. Hunt hard and shoot straight. Good luck


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