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  • Bow Certification

    I'm new to the bow thing this summer, but took the certifacation class today and passed with flying colors. Now that I got my card I can't waite for Aug. 10th to roll around. Anyone have any suggestions on areas to hunt? Thanks for your help, Kort.

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    bow cert.

    Congrats and welcome to the world of bowhunting. Need more info Kort. What do you plan on hunting. Certain critters require certain areas. Be more specific.


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      I plan on hunting moose the start of the season. I know since I am knew to bowhunting I sould not get my hopes up for a bow harvest but you can't succed if you don't try. I was thinking of road hunting Pt. Mackinsey during the week, and then heading back up into kings river trail during the weekend. Any more sugestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Kort


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        Are you going to do this during the early season bow-only hunt? If so, you should at least be able to find some moose. It can be really warm in early August, but if you hunt really early and really late you may find them moving around. Additionally, there aren't many hunters that hit the woods for Moose during that bow-only week. Some will tell you that the moose don't move at all during those hot fall days, but I took one at noon last year around Aug. 25th when it was about 72 degrees. If, however, you're planning on hunting on Aug. 20th or later, I imagine you'll have plenty of company in both places that you mentioned. Good luck!



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          I'll be out Aug 9th and ready to go for the opening day of bow season. You say if its hot out to hunt early morning and evenings? I'm ready to spend the full ten days of bow season out in the woods, and if it is true that not many people hunt during this time my chances should be greatly elevated of at least seeing moose, if not a harvestable situation. Well I can't hardly waite for the season to start, in the mean time I'll continue to practice, practice, practice.


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            Kort - Make sure you check the regs closely. The bow season is only 8 days long - from Aug. 10th through the 17th. The 18th and 19th are closed to any type of moose hunting. And I was just suggesting that early and late are best, but as my experience shows, even mid-day is a great time to be out!



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              Congrats on your Bow Certs .
              Spend as much time in the woods as possible .You can alwys stumble upon a moose that does not know he should not be moving around during the hot part of the day !!!!!
              The best times are early morning and late evening .
              Just because you are new does not mean you will not get a harvest this year.
              You will have to put some time in and lots of it .

              Good luck hunting and looking forward to some pictures of your bull also remember to practice,practice,practice and then practice some more .

              Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
              Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!

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                Congrats. One word of advice keep practicing and if you can get out in the woods to shoot. Bething that worked for me was to attend 3-d shoots. This gave me and life like animal to shoot at in the woods. I never shot for score but for placement. This help me improve my shot by leaps and bounds. Aug go north haul rd. If not try the valley for moose.
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