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  • First tracks!

    I couldn't resist getting the first word in here. I'm Dan and I'm a (seasonal) resident of Haines. I was needing an IBEP certification last year and could not find a local instructor so I decided to become one. I am currently in the application process of becoming a hunter ed instructor. I would like to hear from any others who have gone through the process. I would also like to meet any other bowhunters in the Haines borough.

    Thank you, David, for providing us with this forum!


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    nice, you beat me 2 it...

    I 2 bowhunt...wanted to become an IBEP instructor but they never called me back after numerous times trying to get information on becoming a volunteer instructor...


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      Bowhunting Ed Instructor

      I just finished the class in March and it was a piece of cake. I had class on Friday and by Saturday afternoon, I was finished. You do a little background check, fill out a little paperwork and you are in. I believe you have to have your IBEP before you can become an instructor.

      Good luck,


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        I did get my IBEP last year but I am not an instructor !!!!
        I had a one day class here in Homer .
        Hope you get yours .

        Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
        Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!

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          Here's the link to the current schedule.

          or contact give them a call at 907-267-2187 to see if there is an instructor in your area ... or volunteer to become one!

          Email / PM me for additional info / assistance.



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