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    Just tagged an AK Elk two weeks ago at 35 yds with Afflictor mechanical broadhead, it worked great! Click image for larger version

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      Two blade works best for me and tend to go between rather than thru ribs. Never shot a moose but did have the pleasure of hunting big Russian hogs while stationed in Turkey in the mid 70's and at that time I used an old Bear 2 wheel compound at about 50lbs, alum (2119 I think) Easton arrow and a very sharp Bear two blade...worked good on the 2 I killed with the bow. An 870 with slugs gives a better feeling up close. Biggest was over 200 kilo and the ribs were over 3 feet long...lot of fun hunting back then.
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        Do you know what broad head works best? The one that flies the best out of your bow...the one that is sharp....the one that hits behind the shoulder.


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          There is beauty in simplicity. I avoid mechs in Alaska for that simple reason. Stuff always goes wrong on remote hunts. Eliminating things that can go wrong will help turn a hunt into a harvest. Add a bunch of moving parts and pieces to a broadhead, and you add a bunch of things that can fail. Make sure your arrow is spined right for your bow, and spend the time it takes. I use Montec g5's on carbon shafts with full fletching, and love them.


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            I would shy away from mechanical heads - called in a bull for my buddy in CO and after a well placed broadside shot at 40 yards, 0 penetration (blades did not deploy as intended), and a couple unsuccessful days of searching I have yet to see anything but a fixed blade in his quiver.

            Mechanicals will work most of the time but fixed heads will work all of the time.


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