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  • in the market?

    After a recent bow research / buying experience I thought I'd throw this out.

    I shopped exclusively in South Central (Anch-Matsu). Found good information, great folks and quality product. You could'nt go wrong buying local.

    However, you can save a chunk of $ by going on line...

    Was real impressed with these guys... If you are in the market check them out :

    There packages are great and best of all their options and upgrades are near endless... they'll build you what you want... Tune it, test and ship it with in a week...

    The only draw back was you can't buy a Bowtech from them unless you are 30 miles from a dealer... Choose your address wisely...

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    I used Hunters Friend to order my Bowtec and the first time I called they told me about the 30 mile radius thing so I called back to use a buddy's address and the guy I talked to must have known nothing about that rule becasue he had no issues sending the bow to my house. Exellent customer service and the bow came out of the box shooting dead on w/ no sight adjustments.


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      same here

      Same experience here.. I ended up with the Diamond Liberty and made a few upgrades to the package. They got everything perfect. The bow arrived as advertised.... Dead on!

      I was actually the third guy in my group of friends to buy from them... They really are good.


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        Hunter's Friend

        I had a great experience with HF as well. I bought a Bowtech VFT Extreme a couple years back. Before shipping the bow, they found the drop away rest I wanted wouldn't work, so they called me back right away and solved the problem. They also sent extra arrows as a thank you for the longer wait. They did seem serious about the 30 mile local dealer encroachment though!


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          30 mile rule

          From what I understand they are they only authorized Bowtech vendor allowed for online purchases... In exchange they made a promise ref. the 30 mile thing... No complaints here, gotta respect that...

          The sales person actually suggested I double check the local prices saying he figured I would do okay buying it local... I explained that he was far from right...

          First off I could not get a comparable package locally... Secondly if I opted for a lesser package I would still pay close to $100 more... If I pieced a comparable package together the difference sky-rocketed... As much as a couple hundred more.

          I had the option of shipping to a friend's address but it was not that big of a deal. I had narrowed my search to the Bowtech Tribute or Diamond Liberty... The added hassle ref the vendor agreement caused me to go with the Liberty. I added a larger/nicer bow case, a few dozen additional arrows, broadheads and will never look back...

          On a side note.. While waiting for my bow to arrive I borrowed a friends Diamond Victory for a profeciency shoot... I know using a borrowed bow for a test.... But all kidding aside his bow was the only bow I had ever shot so it's hardly borrowed...

          I shot the test and was stunned at the performance difference... His bow is set at 60lbs with QAD drop away... His bow was planting arrows a good 6" deeper then all the other bows. There were several manufacters represented.. Matthews, Hoyt, and Bow tech... His bow had the lightest draw of any of them... The difference? Though they were shooting 65-70lb draw respectively but they were all shooting whisker biscuits...

          Just my observation...


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            Hay just looking at this post can you get the bows with just a rest or just a sight or do you have to get the hole package.. plus what do they sell the tribute for at the sportsmen warehouse? 699 from this place.. I live in sterling so i should not have a prob with the 30 mile thing.
            Bow hunters do it with longer shafts


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