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90 yard shot at caribou--what say ye

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  • 90 yard shot at caribou--what say ye

    I just opened the new hunting regulations, enjoy looking at the pictures of game taken last year, and I notice the picture of a caribou taken by a Jason Moorman at 90 yards, you see I know a little bit about this story, because when you look at the bou, you'll notice no blood where it should be--in the kill zone. So you are scratching your head and asking, well then, where did he hit it?? He admitted that he hit it in the pecker. So I am scratching my head, because I know how much he practices and his shooting abilities, which are at best average, and asking why did he take that shot??? But I am more baffled by the state agency, obviously from looking at the picture it is an awesome caribou, so why not just put a picture of the bou/hunter in the magazine, but no they state he shot the animal at 90 yards--so what really have they done--let people know that they can kill caribou at 90 yards with their bows--please tell me that this bothers some others here before I write the state.

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    Oh Man

    Right there with ya. In fact I'm going to call some buddie's of mine at F&G ad they may not be my buddies anymore after the call. Then I'm going to start writing letters.

    I haven't seen it yet, what page is it on?


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      I do not know the hunter or his shooting ability. 90 yards seems out of the league of anyone that I have ever read about or met.

      My personal accuracy guage is:
      If I can hit 10 out of 10 in a paper plate at that range. I can hunt that far. Up hill, down hill and with broadheads. When you add in the current environmental conditions during a hunt, you can start subtracting distance due to wind, foilage, rain, etc....

      It is one thing to shoot at a 3-D target and another to take a less than desirable shot at an animal. I do know a couple guys that can accurately shoot 60 yards with broadheads. 90 yards, with broadheads......the animals deserve a cleaner shot.
      I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out.
      Bill Hicks


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        still looking

        I have scoured the house, but with 4 kids there is no telling where it ended up, but trust me, won't be hard to find his picture, like I said, great bou--but no need to put what distance he attempted the shot at. I to plan on making some noise--as I consider what he did to be in the class as our boy wonders that drove their trucks on the tundra up at the haul road.


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          I shot a bou up there at 62 yards. That was the longest shot that I've ever made with a bow. I was comfortable at 50 yards, and thought "aim a little higher".... it worked, but I definitely got lucky and stretched the shot way to far...

          90 yards??? I don't mean to sound like a hypocrite, but ***???

          I know some people are comfortable with that on targets, but in a hunting situation there are way too many variables (animal moving while the arrow is in flight, wind drift, too steep of an approach angle, drastically reduced penetration, etc).

          Your right! this will definitely embolding people to attempt unethical shots. Won't be long till the "herd shooting" allegations are running wild. I would have thought ADF&G had better sense than this.

          I am glad the animal was taken and not wounded, and congratulations to the hunter that harvested it. I just hope he don't shoot that far again (lightening won't strike twice).
          "The rich... who are content to buy what they have not the skill to get by their own excellence, these are the real enemies of game".... Theodore Roosevelt's A Principle of the Hunt


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            On Page 91

            Wow talk about a sore spot...he he. That was a fun phone call. I was informed that I would be getting an e-mail to forward a link to this and any other thread about the issue to. So don't hide you're true feelings.


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              Page 91

              Wow. Gotta love the Haul Road!
              Prince of Wales Island


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                some more thoughts

                I agree with what I am hearing, I practice out to 80--but I don't shoot at animals out to 80--like you stated, to many variables--and primarily there is a reason we took up the bow--to get closer to the animal. Imagine if this had been a brown bear??? I teach bow ed for the state, and I pushed to make the test tougher, but was told that our goal wasn't exclusion, which I can understand as I think AK is the only state to require you to go out and prove your abilities. The test hasn't changed much in 3 years that I have been up here, deer at 10-15 yards, caribou at 30 yards, mtn goat at 28 yards and bear in tree stand at 10 yards. The test requires you to hit5 out of 8 shots in the kill zone, and each target must have a hit in the kill zone, the year I taught we had a 60% success rate. I personally would like to see the targets set tougher--or at least ask for a 100% kill rate if the targets are going to remain close--I also think that longbows and recurves should have a different set up.


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                  Gobblinfool, your last sentence allows me to agree with you somewhat.
                  As a longbow shooter, I know my max is about 30 yds period, & I prefer 20-25. Can I hit at 40 when I'm shooting a lot? You bet, but I wouldn't take a shot on an animal at that distance. Just too much chance of that animal taking a step during arrow dlight, which of course means more to me with an arrow speed of 170-180 fps than it does to someone with an arrow speed of 280 fps.
                  As for the 90 yd shot, it seems long to me, but the big problem is F&G publishing it. I agree, a pic without the yardage would have been fine.
                  Vance in AK.

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                    Ya know

                    This is just an observation, I'm not knocking the military, I'm a disabled vet and my wife is still active duty hitting 18 years of service but...BUT with all the people that run around hollaring about military on the haul road, how in the world could someone even remotely associated with F&G miss this? Or was it intended to put a poster boy out there? And strange Elmo get's the bad press again.


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                      some more thoughts

                      You hit the nail on the head, leaves a bad taste in the mouth for those of us that do as told--because the other knuckleheads are representing us in a bad light. Obviously, all military can't be lumped in with these guys, but it always happens.


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                        Is there any chance it was a misprint in the reg booklet? Kinda doesn't make much sense they'd put that in there when we require certification to bowhunt up there, and specifically teach hunters not to shoot beyond their effective range. We've had various debates in the past on this, shooting sheep at 70+ yds etc. Some compound shooters are probably good enough to pull it off, but there are a lot of variables too that make such a shot unethical for most of us. I shoot recurves and longbows and am real good out to 25yds. Past that, it is just amazing how the accuracy goes down, and when you consider the holding elevation for very long shots, incremental amounts of wind, to my mind that's just flinging arrows into the air hoping one gets lucky. Sure it happens, but it isn't something to be promoting. Bowshop Monkey, would be interested to find out if this was a misprint or what the deal was. If it wasn't a misprint then it's a piss-poor decision by whomever included the yardage at which it was taken, as it will no doubt encourage others that they can do the same.
                        Mark Richards


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                          Misprint my aunt fanny

                          That would be a cop out at this point. As you stated it will encourage others regardless, so without a recant and explination in the news papers of why it's not a good idea, I'll have to continue to bombard them with e-mails expressing my concern for the long distance castration tactics for caribou population control. Seems to have a high mortality rate. :-)


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                            some more thoughts

                            First off, its not a misprint, this picture was posted in the Alaska State Bowhunter association's magazine. The president commented if he had known about the shot, that the picture wouldn't have been posted in the magazine.

                            I sent a note to the commisioner's office, I will post any reply that they send back my way.


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                              90 yard Caribou Shot

                              I have not looked at the new regulations since I have been at Kunsan AB, KOREA. So I really don't know exactly what was printed. At least you could have done was give me the courtesy of seeing the caption before criticizing me. I do know that I did send a photo of my Trophy Caribou to ADF&G sometime in Sep 2006. Yes ADF&G did ask me for details of the picture and yes I replied with that info. I am not the publisher and do not tell ADF&G what to print, that is up to them.

                              You are right Wayne and everyone else, the shot was not exactly where I intended it to go. Everyone can't always be professional archer like yourself and have a perfect shot every time. I've known many hunters that have taken shots at 20,30,40 yards, made bad shots and never recovered wounded animals. I have never lost a animal that I had hit with my bow, can you or everyone else say that. My Caribou went 20 ft before it went down and WAS recovered. It did not run 30 to 100 yards before it went down, like most do even with a clean kill shot. For one, not one of you were even there so don't you judge or tell me how the animal died either. I agree it is to long of a shot for most hunters that do not practice at that range. But I felt since I had been practicing at 100 yards for a few months and hitting a paper plate grouping then it was not against the law to take that shot.

                              I know what a ethical and unethical hunter is. I have been practicing that for well over 15 years. Just because I took a 90 yard shot one time in my life doesn't make me a unethical archery hunter. You or no one else have any right to call me an unethical hunter. Don't you have better things to do than criticize me when I don't meet your archery standards.

                              In my eyes the state has a Excellent Archery Program even if you DON'T Wayne. It does teach others about the great sport of Archery. Just because there is a caption in the book under my picture doesn't mean everyone will try it. For example two individuals drove on the tundra and I bet that won't happen again. I have been shooting for years and this is the longest shot I have ever taken. I am responsible for my action/equipment and know it very well. So don't tell me what I am or am not capable of, that is up for me to decide. Do you really think that ADF&G would recall all the 2007-2008 Hunting regulations because of one caption. Let's get real, I'm sure that something has been printed by mistake before.

                              How DARE you or anyone compare me to the two individuals that drove there vehicle on the tundra of the Dalton Highway. For one it's ILLEGAL to take a vehicle off the Dalton Highway while making a long shot is not. If I'm not mistaken. Unless you have a New Regulation Book that I have not read. If so do please email it to me, I would really like to see it in black and white. I have always and will always abide by the LAW. I have been following Regulation's for over 18 years so don't tell me I broke any LAW.

                              Wayne, Scott and whoever else is out there, I have shot with some of you many times at 3D shoots and still can't believe you have the nerve to respond on this forum the way you have. I will be back in town for hunting season in Sept 07, that is if I'm still allowed to Hunt in Alaska. Never know, it might be ILLEGAL to hunt while on Mid-Tour. Like shooting at long distances when you have practiced for months, according to Wayne.
                              I'm glad that my caribou made POPE & Young. Wayne, Sorry you have never harvested a caribou at that caliber. Maybe one day you will and won't be so jealous that you have to criticize others for there success. You make it seem like I should not be proud of the animal I harvested or at the distance I took it at. Sorry to disappoint you but I am proud of it. Anyone that have made a comment on the forum, please feel free to email me personally. I would really be more than happy to explain my actions to you personally if you would like. I would also like to know what kind of fellow Archers I have to look forward to on my future shoots and banquets that I support. Please feel free to respond. AKJAYMAN@ACSALASKA.NET

                              Jason S. Moorman


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