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  • Fairbanks Management Area DM788

    I was fortunate enough to draw an antlerless moose tag for DM788 in Fairbanks. I've visited Fairbanks a couple of times but not too familiar with the country. If anyone is willing to share some information on hunting this area, I would really appreciate it. I'm proficient with my bow and respectful of private property. I drew a mountain goat tag here on the Kenai so have concentrated my efforts in that direction so far this summer. I just took a nice goat last weekend (with my rifle) so I'm ready to hunt moose. I plan to drive up and stay long enough to give a good effort toward filling my freezer. thanks, tim

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    Make sure you have a good map/aerial photo of the areas you are hunting. While it is fairly easy to see what private property is when you enter an area, it is really easy to work your way onto someone's property from the back side as go through the woods. The first time I hunted up there, I accidentally walked into the back end of a couple lots without realizing it until I ended up in a clearing behind their dog yard or cabin. This last time, I would periodically check google earth on my phone to verify proximity to visible areas.

    You can look into Creamer's Field as an option (you need to check in and sign in before you are allowed to hunt there, so if you want to do this, make sure you get there on a week day before you hunt since they are not open on weekends).

    There are lots of 4-wheeler and dog team trails around the area you can utilize. I found using a bike was a great option to cover lots of territory. If you go a bit later in the year, skis work well. If you are on the dog sled trails, watch for fast moving teams. There are a number of high profile racers who train a lot on those trails, especially out on Goldstream and Old Murphy Dome Road, and many times you won't hear the team coming until they are right on top of you.

    Keep your eyes peeled at all times, even when not "hunting". I saw most of the moose when I was up there after I had finished my active hunting for the day (almost back to the house I was staying at in near dark, driving back after dark, eating lunch while driving to another area to hunt, etc...). They seem to be good at hiding when you are actually looking for them but get lazy when you are otherwise occupied .

    Lastly, be aware that if you take a 2-year old calf that is still with it's mother, mother might not be all that happy with you for a while and bug you a bit while you are butchering....


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      I live in north pole and also have a antlerless tag shoot me a PM I am off all next week


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        Here is Property data for Fairbanks, its a good way to see what lots are private property and what.


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