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  • What broad heads do you shoot

    I have shot thunder head 100's for about 10 years and killed moose and bears with them but never was able to shoot field points out of my bow because they wouldn't group the same place as my broad heads. I am looking to start shooting something different so I can practice with field points and not tear up targets as fast. I don't want to resight my bow every time I switch tips.
    I would prefer to stay away from mechanical. I am thinking muzzy trokar or the montec.

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    There was a thread on here not long ago on this. Check it out lots of info there. I use Slick Trick Magnum 100's and they shoot the same as my field points.


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      You should be able to tune your bow/arrow combination so that BH and FP hit together without changing broadheads. If you look up Easton's tuning chart it will tell you how to do this.


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        Just downloaded it and looks to be really good information. Thanks. Now I just need to go hide from the kids for a a while so I can have some time to read it


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          Originally posted by Halibut Chaser View Post
          There was a thread on here not long ago on this. Check it out lots of info there. I use Slick Trick Magnum 100's and they shoot the same as my field points.
          I was going to say I think I see this thread posted about every few months.
          I'm prolly out using my bow or 30-30


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            I shoot 100 grain Shuttle T-Locks for my broad heads and they fly the same as my field points. I have heard great things about the T-Locks but did not have any personal experience... until yesterday. I shot my first moose yesterday with them and got a complete pass-through. When carving him up, I saw that my arrow had gone through the middle of two ribs, leaving clean cut marks on the bones. I never found that arrow so it must have still had plenty of velocity to go into the forest a good ways.


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              I use slick tricks, I'm about 2-3 inches lower then my fieldpoints. so I have my bow sighted in for broadheads and just let my arrows hithigh. Honestly my practice is more about making sure that I get good groups.


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                Nice work on the Moose man!!!

                It amazes me that none of you guys (aside from one) realize that IF your broad heads are not hitting with your field points your bow is certainly out of tune.

                I also think that it would be good to know what you have actually killed with the broad heads you've recommended, just so people can understand your field experience with them.

                A few tips... Slick Tricks, Shuttle T's and Terminal T Locks will usually fly right on with your field points. Most Muzzy's will not, though occasionally you will find a guy that can do it.

                I've shot Muzzy's, around 15 years ago but could never get a good tune out of them so I switched.

                Slick Tricks have treated me, my wife and our freezer very well for years.

                So have Shuttle T's.

                G5 Montec's seem to be popular. I killed a few things with them, but didn't like how soft they were. Better options out there...

                I have been using Solids this spring and took a nice bear with them. They have flown true while practicing as well...

                Download that Easton Tuning guide and tune your bow, any broad head will eventually fly the same as your field points with some tinkering...


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                  Great success with the G5 Striker and also really like the Shuttle T's...Both in 100gr!


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                    I'm down here in Georgia for another week before I head back up there. I picked up a set of Ram Cat 100gr. Watched some reviews on YouTube, and man can I say I am excited to see how they do on my caribou (north slope) hunt in 3 weeks.

                    I was recommended them by everyone at Archery Connection in phoenix city, Alabama. If they work as well as they say, I will be ordering more sets.
                    I'm prolly out using my bow or 30-30


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                      I think I have made the switch from Montec G5's to Montec Striker 100 gr replaceable blade broadhead...I am very very happy with how they fly and how much penetration into the target I get, compared to the G5's, which just never were 'sharp' like I think a broadhead should be. (and also VERY hard to sharpen)

                      Hoping to poke a bou with one in a couple of weeks - maybe a grizzly too (if I see one that is stalkable)

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                        I ended up going with the muzzy trokar. I made the order from cabelas and got to shoot them yesterday and this morning and I am more than happy with how they shoot. They fly way better than my thunder heads did and the blades are a lot thicker. I have shot them into the target about 20 times and they are still sharp enough to cut you. Wearing the band aid to prove it.


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                          I use the Atom they fly exactly the same as field point are not mechanical and are safe to handle but do a lot of damage. I have a post on the haul road 2014 with a photo of the bull we killed with one this year at 70 yds.
                          P.S. you never practice with them screw them on and hunt exactly the same as the field point.


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                            I first tried an expanding BH years ago and they were fragile, flimsy, did not work, and ended up being banned here in Alaska. I switched to Muzzy 100 grain and love them. They have improved their technology over the years and are better than ever. The practice heads are great...I shoot a Rinehart 18 sided target at 50 and 60 yards and do better with the muzzies than my field points (at least it feels that way to me). I hit a 3 brow tine moose in the upper front leg and the trochar tip exploded the bone into three big chunks...he only went about 40 yards and down. I see no reason to change :-)
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                              Just a heads-up...I was informed by Game and Fish that the RamCat Broadhead is not legal in Alaska.


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