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Jber proficiency requirements?

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  • Jber proficiency requirements?

    I drew the jber tag this year and just got a thing in the mail that says I have to do a proficiency test. What do they require on this. It's been almost 20 years since I have done the archery hunters course and hardly remember what was required with that.
    I am hoping I can shoot my bow by then I had shoulder surgery a year and a half ago and still can't draw my bow back. I am working like crazy to figure out something so I can hunt this tag. I am working out but can't get the strength back and can't keep the **** shoulder in place it grinds and pops like hell and wants to come out of socket.

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    Its a proficiency shoot don't worry its easy, I did it in 2011, took a 36 incher by the shoot house off bulldog trail. dropped 15 feet from the road, they gave me the keys and I drove my truck right up to it. One of the best hunts ever, I hunted it on weekends, saw a good number of bulls. Any way the shoot is right at near the range office, you can use your range finder but must use the broadhead your gonna use. Good luck and yes you best be hunting that tag because I wish i had it, but I won't be greedy ...enjoy your hunt


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      We can take a range finder and binos. Take your hunting bow and broadheads (I use Muzzy broadheads so I will take both the real ones and the dull practice broadheads). I sent the recommended eMail requesting a time for this test and had a response the next morning. Thanks JBER folks!
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        Just about the only thing you can do to build strength in the muscles used for pulling a bow back is "pulling a bow back". Crank your bow back as light as it will go or get a bow that you can. 15-20lbs and shoot shoot shoot, slowly build back up. I know a couple guys that had shoulder surgery and got back in the game doing this,. good luck


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