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Dan Ryan Longbows?

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  • Dan Ryan Longbows?

    any one heard of him, own one of his bows or have contact info for him?

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    try traditional archers of Alaska or Dean Torges for a contact #


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      nada for either one


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        hmm, surprised taa didn't have it.

        Do you by chance know Martin Ferris? I haven't talked to him in years now. He was building arrows when I was doing the same up here, he may know Dan from the TAA gatherings. I know a few other guys down that way i'll have to try and dig up info. Brian Stewart was building arrows as well (straight flight arrow company) he may know. I know one thing, I'll be going through cob webs to find info lol. Let me get the old computer hooked up and see what I can finagle. On a goofy run at work so it might be a bit before I can get it hooked up and do a search on it.

        You could always try Jack Harrison.
        Jack B. Harrison

        Wolf Print Publishing

        3450 Palmdale Drive

        Wasilla, Ak 99654

        907-715-6433 home/office

        I'm curious if you've seen the forge wood machines down in Nikiski?


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          I have not seen the forge wood machines, I went looking for them about 8 years ago. So far I have found one guy that has a dan ryan, hes the guy that was on the ultimate survival show a year a go or so. What kind of brace height range would a 67" d shape have?


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            I'd be somewhere around 7, but 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 is a good range.

            Too low and you'll scalp your wrist. most of mine I'm in the 7 to 7 1/4 I have a couple that are under 7 but that's not been the norm for me anyways, ymmv.

            I'm sure someone down that way knows him and I think you're right he's likely built more than a few.

            I may know another contact I'll pm you what little info I have about him.

            Last I heard the machines where still there. Jack would be the guy, he was at least at one time part owner of the group. He would also know the local bowyers in the valley/bowl area at least. (which is where I'm assuming Dan's at or was). I have heard the name in circles when I used to run down for shoots, but I never did meet him.

            If you could find Jim hill, Martin Ferris, Brian Stewart, Russ Kuzinski (sp), Loel Banzhof (or Paige), I'm sure there's some others that may know him. These are a few of the folks I met over the years, I know there's more, I haven't stayed in touch with any of them.


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              Was thinking. I think he's a commercial airline pilot. I talked to a guy a handful of years ago about bow building. He's hard to catch. I believe it was fedex he flew for at the time. I'm not 100% it was him. I need to hook up the old computer this week, I'll go through my notes and see if I can't figure out if it was him


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                Just curious have you tried calling Ed at abs? Or Jack yet?

                I haven't seen Jim Hill in years but he would be another person I'd try.

                I'm going to hook the old computer up tomorrow or wed and dig through old info I've saved. Keep me posted


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                  I knew

                  I knew Dan back in the 90's , he would come to a few of the 3-D shoots. I thought he lived in Wasilla at the time. He would usually bring a different bow to every shoot, I recall one time him bringing one he made out of two pick handles. I believe he was a good friend of Jerry Fletcher, if memory serves me right I believe the Spring Bear 3-D shoot that Fletchers started was in honor of Dan's son.


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                    Two pick handles? That is so cool and so Alaskan! Love it!
                    Custom: Compound Bow Strings, Custom Bows, Custom Muzzleloaders


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                      I know Dan very well and have a few of his bows and have a few that I have made under his guidance. He lives in Wasilla and still makes bows. He has given up on making fiber bows and only makes selfbows now. What is it that you need from him?


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