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  • What's your set up?

    Me I have a 2000 Martin Cougar, set @ 70lbs, with a Montana Trap Door Drop away rest with Archer's Choice Pin site, a rubber hosed peep site, & a nice vibrating dampener that has carbon poles & rubber(don't know what brand)...

    My other bow is a mathews outback & I have yet to set it up...

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    I'm shooting an 05 Parker Extreme Hunter Mag with a Cobra Diamondback dropaway rest, Cobra Sidewinder LX 5 pin sight, a peep (no rubber cord) and a Sims S-Coil stabilizer. I've recently swapped out the stock synprene grip for a walnut one and added the LS vibration mods to the riser. Also have an Alpine 7 arrow detachable quiver. Everything in Mossy oak new break-up camo pattern. Good looking and great shooting bow. Absolutely no complaints. And all this for less than the price of a bone dry Matthews switchback. (Although I do hope to own a swithcback one day)



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      My set up is a Mathews 2006 Switchback XT 70 pounds
      Double Rear STS ,Wild thing Stabilizer ,mathews one piece quiver, 7595 goldtip arrows ,trophy ridge drop away rest , spot hogg hoggit sights.
      Love the set up and a tack driver .
      A dry bone would of been cheaper !!!!!!

      Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
      Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!




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        Mathews all the way!!!!

        i'm shooting the 2006 Mathews Switchback XT @ 70 pounds.
        Cobra Diamondback dropaway
        Cobra sidewinder sur-loc 5 pin sight
        Fuse six inch stabilizer
        Mathews 2pc quiver
        Sims ultra limb savers
        Carbon Tech Rhino arrows

        This thing is the god of bows. Shannon you've shot it and should know it's worth every penny.... Oh and congrats on the bear, are we going to see pics anytime soon or maybe the story. John told me about the shot but thats his story still need to hear yours. Congrats again man...Matt


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          My Set Up

          Ross CR334 70 lb
          Carbon Express Maxima 350's
          Muzzy 100 grain 3-blades
          Spot Hogg Hogg-it or Copper John Dead Nutz (depends on the application)
          Golden Key Tranquilizer Stab or Doinker 11.5 Field (Depends on Application)
          Golden Key TKO or Mirage Rest

          If Im hiking in for bear (over 9 miles 1 way) I lighten the bow up with the tranquilizer stab/copper john sight/TKO Rest.
          If Im hunting the haul road or chasing moose I make it a little heavier. The bow tunes so easy that it only takes moments to set up.

          Im looking at the Sword Accusites. These look real nice and Im really considering getting one.


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            still in the dark ages I guess

            I have no clue what most of the archery gear is in previous posts. Reads like techno-babble to me <grin>.

            Old Bear takedown recurve that pulls @52 lbs, homemade beaver-hide back (or belt) quiver, assortment of old arrows, mostly cedar, and old broadheads and blunts and some judo points.

            Soon to be proud owner of a stickbow made by a good friend that should pull at 55lbs, and more if I want to try breaking her. Along with some homemade arrers.

            Mark Richards


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              Maybe this is more your style. For fun and small game I shoot my original PEARSON TAKEDOWN RECURVE. At 55 lbs it shoots pretty sweet. This bow was given to my grandfather from ben pearson back when it first came out. It has a bolt thru the riser where the bow seperates. Its a pretty darn cool bow. I just dont think I shoot it well enough for big game, but it is a FUN bow to shoot. You are a true BOWMEN, Im just a pagwan learner....hahaha! Have fun shoot well.


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                another trad guy

                #52 river's edge TD recurve
                easton legacy 2018 with 150 gr cut on contact 3-blade broadhead
                sealskin bench and strike plate
                sealskin finger tab
                "stealth" side quiver from Jacks traditional archery

                think i may get some sitka stick carbons before my sheep hunt...shot some the other day and they were skookum!
                Alaska Board of Game 2015 tour... "Kicking the can down the road"


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                  I have a 2005 Mathews LX set up at 70 lbs.
                  #Tru glo sights
                  #Mathews drop away rest
                  #Doinker 9 inch stabilizer
                  #Quiki Quiver
                  #Shooting 55/75 Goldtip with Montec G5 BH's
                  # Hurricane release

                  I can not complain one bit about this bow. It shoots quietly and accurately. Been searching for some time for a bow that just feels right in your hand. I hope to do well with it this year when we come to Alaska for Bou.


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                    55# Palmer recurve shooting PO cedar shafting that I doll up myself, also have some tappered maple shafts, but I'm saving what I have left as I can't find them anywhere. Hip or back quiver depending on what kinda shooting or hunting I'm doing.

                    My back-ups are selfbows I've made.......well I got one left, It's a 60# Osage flatbow thats a bit snakey.......Really fun to shoot and hunt with! Same arrows as above, but with differnt spine!


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                      an old PSE Laserflight shooting around 75#s which produces a whopping 210 fps!! ) Just went to a release and carbon arrows last year. I have to say it makes much more impressive groups now. Don't use a peep, simply have one fiber optic pin set for 20 yds., more or less instinctive beyond that.

                      The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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                        Hoyt UltraTec @ 30"/70#
                        NAP Quicktune 3000 drop away
                        Cobra Sidewinder 3 pin (getting rid of it, pins keep breaking!)
                        Sims S-coil stabilizer
                        Carter Big Kid 3-D release
                        Easton A/C/C 340 Superslims w/ NAP 125 gr. Spitfire expandables
                        Easton A/C/C 340 Kinetic w/ NAP 125 gr. RazorBak cut-on-contact
                        depending on game (I use expandables on everything they're legal for.)

                        Lone Wolf Archery - Siberian Wolf TD longbow 62"/ 55#
                        Easton Legacy 2018
                        Delta Snuffer 125 gr.

                        Great Bear Archery - Uyak recurve 62"/ 54#
                        Easton Legacy 2216
                        Delta Snuffer 125 gr.


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                          BowTech Allegiance set at 68 pounds shooting 29 3/4 carron express arrow weighing 440 grains with either a 100 grain Tekan or 100 grain slick trick broadhead shooting 270 fps cobra sidewinder 5 pin sight and QAD drop away rest and copper john eagle series release


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                            Bowtech Allegiance

                            2005 Bowtech Allegiance, 67#, 29" draw
                            Gold Tip XT 7595 shafts
                            ABC Sonic 125 grain broadheads
                            Copper John Dead Nuts 5-pin sight
                            Ripcord drop-away rest
                            Bowtech 2-piece quiver
                            Scott Little Bitty Goose release

                            It doesn't get much better than this!!


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                              Howard Hill long bow and a Jerry Hill long bow.


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