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  • Arrows?

    For you compund shooters - Whats your favorite arrows and why?

    I'm currently shooting PSE's Carbon Force arrows, but looking at switching and trying out these newer Megathrust Archery arrows.

    Curious to see what everyone else is using, and why?

    Hoping to learn a little here!

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    I shoot some bottom shelf easton's that I received from when I bought my bow. They work pretty good by my standards, my groups are around 6-8 inches at 70yrds and progressively smaller if I'm closer. I'm of the opinion that arrows are designed a lot like fishing lures - to catch fishermen not fish. I really have a hard time believing that the numerous high priced arrows that are available would noticeably change my groups. I'm sure that by saying this that I'll ruffle a few feathers. I suppose if I were to spend an exhorbitant amount of money on arrows, I would swear by them too.


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      And speaking of, they have a tutorial on arrow selection.

      Some of it is pretty remedial, but it's still worth reading. There are 6 parts total.


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        I personally like Victory Archery's VForce V1 arrows. It's what I started shooting seriously with and I am the kind of person that just likes to have things that are different than what the other guys have. They perform well, and are built with strict straightness tolerences.


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          I am shooting Gold Tip, and have been for the last 6 years, they seem to work well, I have started using smaller fletching for less wind drift. Very light target tip, 65 gr. seems to work great.


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            I also shoot the victory VForce V1s. They are great arrows. I also shoot fobs and like them except for target shooting.


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              I shoot primaly carbon express mayhem and maxima hunters because they seem to shoot the best for me. However I really like the way the Easton FMJs slide out of certain targets (like the rhinehart and other 3d targets). You really have to lube the carbon express arrows to get them out and even then its not fun. I would suggest trying a half dozen of several different types and see what works best for your particular setup.



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