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New to AK and New to Bow Hunting

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  • New to AK and New to Bow Hunting

    I have moved here to North Pole last August. I am currently deployed. I am looking for any tips, techniques, and any other useful information on bow hunting. I am new to the sport and very excited. I have purchased a Bowtech 350 Destroyer and am practicing in Iraq. I have completed the online bow hunting course and will finish it up when I return home. I am looking for any info and spots for a successful hunt for next year or anyone willing to show me the ropes. Thank you for your info and reply's.

    p.s. I will be sharpen my hunting skills on terrorist. A fine species to take down.roud:

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    Originally posted by Blue8Gulf View Post
    p.s. I will be sharpen my hunting skills on terrorist. A fine species to take down.roud:
    May I respectfully suggest a slightly quartering away shot :-) Always good to practice this shot!

    When I started shooting, the best advice I was given was to find a way to shoot 6 to 12 arrows every day, 365 days per year, regardless of/and because of wind/rain/snow/etc.. This disipline will will keep your archery back/shoulder muscles in shape, and will help with your "eye". Shoot 10 yards out to whatever is comfortable...With this bow, it is easily capable of doing 60 yards without any problem.

    Thank you for your Service!
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      The Haul Road for caribou is kind of a no-brainer, especially given you'll be starting from North Pole. I'm sure you've already heard a lot about it. This forum is a great resource for that hunt, both with tips and with reports of where the animals are located and when. Good luck. Thank you for your service!

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        Congrats, you have purchased an amazing bow, but, as the other reply suggest, only if you practice, practice, practice. Have your bow checked out by someone with smarts before you head out to hunt. Also, with Bowtech, only replace parts, string, etc. only with Bowtech parts. Forget the 'we make the parts the same' statement as I assure you from expensive experience, it does not work. For any bow mfg. stay with their products. Having said this. I may now take some heat, but you should be able to easily reach out to 70+ yards with accuracy. I have taken may deer at this range with a Marquis and there is still more room to reach. I am sighted in at 80 and have shot further in practice. I shoot every day, unless it is a blizzard, which you don't have in Iraq. I also shoot Maxima 350 blaze fletching and it seems a great combination. The haul road itself is an great place to hunt as well as anywhere. I also like to watch any bow hunting cd I can find as it keeps the interest level peaked for any time shooting.
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          Thanks for the advise. So far I shoot for about an hour a day early in the morning. I use the same skills as firing any other weapon and my shot groups are pretty tight most of the time. I have it sighted in all the way out 60 yards and can hit about a 6 inch shot group. I have nothing but time to practice here so when I return for next years spring hunting season I will be ready.


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